[ READ ME ] Before create a New Thread

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    [ READ ME ] Before create a New Thread

    Help section Rules, Last update 21/11/2014

    As we've all noticed,is very common that many forget to write in detail exactly what the problem faced.
    That has led to confuse the assistants or have not even response.
    In effort to have a cleaner and more accurate result for your problems,please take care of the next Tip/Rules.

    • [Help] "Title Thread"
      [Help] prefix it is one reason to make sure that you've seen the rules.Use [Help] prefix always when you wanna create a new Thread on Help Section.
      You should be careful and go into specific details when it comes to giving a title to your problem in your post.

      Excellent Example/Approved Threads:
      [Help] Disconnect from the Server P4F Season3
      [Help] Subserver Disconnect MMT S2 1.00.18
      [Help] Monster/Spot Problem IA Julia
      [Help] Joinserver Crash

      Bad Example/Unapproved Threads
      [Help] Disconnect all the time please guys
      Please help me problem disconnect
      [Help] MonsterBase problem, Willing to pay

    Good Tips for you,Last update 21/11/2014

    Video: Make a small video about your crash/problem.

    Screenshot: You can also provide a screenshot with your problem,you can also make a punctuate.

    Details: is that your first time happened? What did you change before the problem started?
    is that an OS problem? Think more details by yourself,the detail makes the Winner

    Similar Post: Search in Help Section & Mu Online Archive before making a new thread,maybe you can find what you want without even post it.

    For any other question about Rules/Tips feel free to pm me.
    Best Regards,Dope Boy One
    Last edited by Biesmen; 14-05-20 at 08:15 PM. Reason: removed paid services rule. It's causing confusion. It's common sense to not ask people to pay you for an answer in a post

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    re: [ READ ME ] Before create a New Thread

    Approved and activated starting from 22/11/2014