ServerList.bmd edit names

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    ServerList.bmd edit names

    how to change name of servers
    i need have

    FORT MU button and....

    PVP Server
    Non PVP Server
    VIP Server

    i edit text_eng.bmd and ServerList.bmd and nothink happens...

    Any idea?

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    change serverlist.bmd text again to default

    then edit 1 by 1
    first make server 1 FORT MU
    then see in server list what name it give for mu-3 ?
    then must find that name

    or u can check main.exe with hex editor if there is something by searching for text Connect
    also i think it could be related to text.bmd but you said you edited already

    but some say u must match server code of connectserver more info : on last replies.