Some tools needed

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    Some tools needed

    Hey guys!
    I am now editing my server and I need couple of things if you can help me
    (I checked for all this tools already here in the releasing thread but all links or tools are outdated or doesn't work)

    I use MUEMU files season 1 **

    1- Shop editor
    2- Spot editor
    3- Way to change servers names (Like : Server 1 , Server 2-VIP )
    4- and help to locate file that contain the location of all shops bank and stuffs like this to relocate them

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: Some tools needed

    1. For Shops, did you tried this one? It should be compatible to S1 too.
    - Shop:
    - Shop:

    2. I guess it's XML file and I'm not really sure there's any MonsterSetBase configurator software for it.
    - Probably you will have to find an organized way of manually doing it.

    3. The server's name can be change from ServerInfo.bmd as far as I know.
    - Use the Pentium Tool for opening BMDs and edit them.

    4. That's pretty much a custom thing which I never saw or heard about it.
    - Everything is located in the MonsterSetBase (every shop, vaults, mobs locations).

    Every Mu Server administrator is having their own way of organizing things, so the best thing is to find something that works for you.
    (Like use some text editor which displays number of lines and organize them like: from line 400 to 500 there are these NPCs with this ID.)

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    Re: Some tools needed

    like zipper said

    1.i prefer to do it manually, edit with notepad c++ or Notepad and learn how to work with shops

    2. same with monster spots
    video tutorial explanations are easier

    3. editing client = pentium tool cracked by xakumm or just google magic hand editor online, and u can upload your .bmd and all that and edit it online and save it to your pc so uc an replace it.

    4. if you mean move NPC shops you do the same as number 2. explained in video, most monster Shops are (monsters) too but with different code function but u can still change map ID and coords and direction of lookin etc, so yeah , figure it out! and there are enough video tutorials.

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    Re: Some tools needed

    Thanks its been a long time since I edited a MU server so I kind of forgot almost everything I'm learning all over again :(