[Release] Full IGCN Config Files for S16 and Below [Spots&More]

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    idea [Release] Full IGCN Config Files for S16 and Below [Spots&More]

    Releasing a piece of my original work with configs of IGCN s16 files for totally free!

    You can always copy paste Spots/Shops from inside the .xml configs to your shops and so on.
    If you have s15 or s14 or 13 or even s6 IGCN files just make sure what you copy paste as config, exists in your server files season. (for example you can't use monsterspawn.xml completely for season 6 to s14 because of the newer mobs that dont exist in s6-14) u will simply get alot errors so try avoiding that by working smart.

    Configs include spots,shops,drops,event timings, scramble words extended and more useful configs that you can use.

    The server files version of igcn are - if you want to use this configs on your server and you have s16 for example then just apply all the newer updates over this configs (data) folder and stay up to date (recommended is to manually transfer configs to your server) but here are some video tutorials on updating files that i made and is useful not just for igcn files.


    Download link:
    Google Drive

    This configurations are totally original and fully made by my self, have fun using any configurations into your server!
    If you want client side files of this configs like lang.mpr etc let me know.
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    Re: [Release] Full IGCN Config Files for S16 and Below [Spots&More]

    Download link updated