New server s6 slow hard noreset +2500 online

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    - We want to provide users with an excellent quality server. We have premium files, integrated systems for better playability and a team with experience, dedication and responsibility.
    - Our main objective was to develop a server as original as possible, without reset, without custom items, with formulas and configurations based on GMO (Global Mu Online).
    - Season 6 l Hard No Rebirth
    - Exp: 6x l Master: 2x l Drop: 30%
    - Maximum accounts per PC: 7
    - Character creation and Helper lvl 1
    - Expanded and functional Master Skill Tree
    ▪Unique systems:
    - AntiHack ServerSide NOBYPASS
    - Basic XShop NOPAYTOWIN
    - Helper + Offattack
    - Party of 7 characters
    - Integrated AntiLag
    ▪News in the version:
    - Original 2.5 Wings
    - Party of up to 7 characters
    - Mirror and Gaion Events Enabled
    - Illusion Temple and Castle Deep events
    - INVASION of Jewels, Pets, Items and more
    - Original PVP and PVM Balance
    - Spot and Hot Spot Marked Tab Key
    - Cherry Blossom Event ENABLED
    - Moss Event ENABLED
    - Lucky Coin Event ENABLED
    - Castle Siege 100% functional
    - News Jewels S15: Luck, Add, Skill, etc
    ▪Best gameplay:
    - F5 key to reduce effects
    - H key to see the schedules
    - Y key to see the limit to events
    - L key to know who protected you
    - Simultaneous BC and DS every 30 min
    - /Offattack 100% active + Helper
    - Advanced Store / Offstore + Buttons
    - Command to add points /addauto
    Web: / JOIN SPACES
    We will wait for you!!
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    Re: New server s6 slow hard noreset +2500 online

    please include server screenshots, also server location. Thanks!