[Pokemon Global] MMORPG Recruiting

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    [Pokemon Global] MMORPG Recruiting

    [Pokemon Global] MMORPG Recruiting

    Pokemon global is pokemon fan MMORPG inspired on iconics and classics pokemon games.
    There are many features already available, and I want to make some new ones.

    The game were developed above an older pkm mmo files, and have been almost 90% rebuild.
    Many functionalities were implemented.

    Now I need to create a team to help me out, I have a huge list of implements to code and I can not manage to do everything alone.
    For the moment the following team positions are available:
    1- Map Builder - There are tools that make this quite easy.
    2 - Spriter - Make new sprites, this also have tools to make it easier.
    3 - GM (game master) - Help players, make events, etc.
    4 - Moderator - Moderators will administrate ingame chat and forum.
    5 - Testers - The title self explains.

    If you're interested, please join the discord channel

    Game home Page: Pokemon Global .Online
    Game Forum: Forum Pokemon Global
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