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    If you are reading this post, then you are probably interested in joining a Ragnarok Online private server development team. No matter the reasons behind your interests, you should join this new and currently nameless team.

    I am a Server Engineer with hobby experience in programming. I plan on spinning up resources to support the needs of the private server. No financial investment will be required of others, just time and effort.

    The Ragnarok Online server is intended to be a long-term project. It will live for as long as everyone would like to see it alive. Feature decisions will be made by the staff and community. The personal motivation behind this project is to have fun while improving my skills in cloud-based application automation and management.

    All staff roles are available at this time. Experience is welcome, but not required. This is an opportunity to learn and join the fun. Perhaps there is a skill that you would like an honest and effective opportunity to develop.

    DM me on RaGEZONE or post in this thread if you still want in.


    Here is a Discord server invitation link: https://discord.gg/dtPYSUt3
    You can ping me there as well.
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