People claiming to sell "premium files"

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    shout People claiming to sell "premium files"

    I have investigated this and a few of the names that have come up involved in this scheme.
    Most of these scam artists claim to be @Jangan from RaGEZONE (who would never add many people from here anyway), @MentaL or any other reputable member of our community.
    I urge all members to stay away from people claiming to sell "premium files".

    I will be leaving a list here of Skype names here that belong to scam artists, so you know not to approach them!
    PM me with any new ones so I can update the list.


    All accounts listed here are run by scammers and you should terminate contact with IMMEDIATELY.

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    Re: People claiming to sell "premium files"

    Also, I'm not a mod of this section, Though Valkyrie gave me the "OK" to post also.
    I want to give a reminder that any moderator or any major developer is unlikely to add you on Skype. If it's on RZ you'll likely to be PM'd via the forums, before Skype is even involved. Or any at all.
    As a development site, most mods will publicly release any file, instead of trying trying to sell them too you. This forum is based on free releases an saying such when being confronted by someone claiming to be one of us. Please ignore it and contact that person on RZ ASAP to confirm rather or not it's the person in question.
    If it comes to find out that it is, and you are still scammed, by keeping it in RZ chat, The Super mods, and MentaL can take care of the issue and try and help you work it out.
    Though just keep the general thought in mind that when it comes to RZ and selling, always contact the original member here, on the forum first.