[IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

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    idea [IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

    I really love this game, it has been the guilty pleasure of my childhood and, until recently when RAN GS closed, I explored the source and I was wondering if it is possible to incorporate Ethereum Smart Contracts to trade in-game items in real life?

    A high level flow would be:
    1. Vendor registers the item he wants to sell on the Ethereum Blockchain.
    1.1 Vendor sets a price in Ethers (1 ETH = 192.84 USD as of this writing).
    2. Buyer browses a marketplace (online/in-game) for items sold on the Blockchain.
    2.1. Should the buyer decides to buy an item, he scans a QR code containing the item he wants to buy and the amount in ETH. This part is taken care of via his cryptocurrency wallet, all of which can be handled externally.
    3. System detects that a purchase has occurred and transfers the item to the in-game inventory of the buyer.

    I could think of the following benefits:
    1. Minimization/eradication of scam transactions involving real-life money within the scope of buying an in-game item.
    2. Gamers are incentivized to hunt/craft the best items as it is now possible to make real-life money out of it. They can trade ETH to their preferred fiat currency later on via popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

    1. Can the game communicate via REST APIs to handle external communications (eg. send transactions to the blockchain)? Will it be difficult?
    2. Do items have their own unique ID when stored on the database? (ie. Preparatory Coat +7 on my inventory has a unique ID for the Preparatory Coat +5 on your side?)

    For the seasoned RAN developers out there, I want to know if this feat is possible for the current codebase of RAN.

    If anyone is interested, to do this, I can help collaborate on the blockchain side of things. :))

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    Re: [IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

    This is possible.
    Keep Learning...

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    Re: [IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

    Wow! This is now happening! Please do read this facebook post which they tacle about - Ran Online Blockchain integrated!


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    Re: [IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

    I'm interested in this topic

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    Re: [IDEA] Ran Online with Ethereum Blockchain Integration

    There is a anon team developing a nft game like this, they call it RXC.