Coming back after 13 years

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    information Coming back after 13 years

    Coming back after 13 years
    Hello friends, It's been a long time since my last time, a good part of my life.
    Many beautiful memories of that time.
    I remember some private servers like serenity mu (Igor, aka Akaruz , development pioneer of private servers), mu israel, heroia, darkcova, armus, jamaika mu (dios, ladyfu, one of first servers with reworked monsters, new maps and pet ) , friendzmu, and many more that I don't remember right now.
    The period of unstable archives, where everyone contributed to solving, and share knowledge.
    The period of AFK, arena cages, low drop rate, classic old school servers.

    The period of first tools for editing.
    The period of Teams, like CT, SkyTeam, CZF, Coeus, BoR, and many individual developers from different parts of the world.

    That nice times!! Love is the initiating power of life; Passion enables their permanence.

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    Re: Coming back after 13 years

    Fucking aye, Serenity Mu brings back memories!!!!!!! That was what, 15+ years ago? I actually found this place through Akaruz, damn asshole led me into a pit of never ending shit here. RIP is soul.
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