Hello everyone. God bless.

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    idea Hello everyone. God bless.

    Hello everyone. God bless.
    God bless us all and let's keep going ...

    Hello with the whole community:

    I am not much of words but, to limit a little about myself, I like art a lot and to help, to put God first of all things.

    I understand that knowledge is free and that it must be shared in the same way because without anything we came and without anything we leave the money for me they are vanities although in this very post-Zionist society it is necessary.

    Here I leave a sample of some of my recently completed works, I am a FAN of the MMORPG, both in their development and in their design. I love computer programming and much more the programming of wireless networks.I hope to contribute and learn from this community.


    El liderazgo es lograr que las miradas apunten más alto, que la actuación de la gente alcance el estándar de su potencial y que la construcción de personalidades supere sus limitaciones personales...

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    Re: Hello everyone. God bless.

    si god bless

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    Re: Hello everyone. God bless.

    I’ll be open to looking forward to your future to come posts and I’m not one for the terms of god bless but, I wish the best to you, even throughout these times.
    The pressure of human nature does not equal the presence of human persistence.

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    Re: Hello everyone. God bless.

    Just a note regarding the chicken wings you stuck on Jesus's back... ( I assume you did it since none of the other All Saints Day flyers on Google has the wings )

    The bigger wing should be closest to the camera, the smaller wing should be behind it. Didn't you learn about perspective at school?
    Also, both wings seem to be bending/folding in the same direction. This will make flying quite difficult. Rather similar to a one-legged duck swimming in circles.
    Anyway, welcome

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    Re: Hello everyone. God bless.

    I am also new here