ohayo gozaimasu

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    ohayo gozaimasu

    Hello everyone,

    My name is John, Im 31 years old, from Brazil.
    I like to play online games with my friends like CSGO, GTA and others. less LOL
    Watch and interact with twitch streams.
    As you can see from the title, I like Japanese culture.

    Finish the college last year, 2019. Unemployed and looking for a IT job :(
    had a dream of being a developer, but after so many frustrating interviews and many not heard the spark was fading.

    I've had depression problems since I was 12, but I never used that as an excuse.

    I signed up for Ragezone because I saw some development topics/posts and I wonder if I could contribute with them in any way.

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    Re: ohayo gozaimasu

    welcome to ragezone buddy