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    Rules - READ ME FIRST!

    Rules - READ ME FIRST!
    When posting an Introduction please be sure to specify simple things about your self, such as;

    - Your Real name (Not required but its nice)
    - Your age
    - Interests
    - Why you signed up
    - What your favourite MMORPG game is
    - Anything interesting about yourself


    Hi guys

    My name is Daniel James and I am the Administrator of RaGEZONE, Im 22 years old, almost 23, UGG! and my interests are simple, playing guitar, working out and banning random members to satisfy my sick sadistic fetish.

    I signed up for ragezone because I heard Becky would post pictures of herself topless, sadly, I was misinformed, anyways, Im an EX hardcore Legend of Mir 2 fan and now play World of Warcraft on the shadowsong server (EU) , oh and did I mention that im a trained lethal assasin, I get payed to kill people!.

    - Hehe! take care.

    Also, as polite as it might seem, do NOT reply to every thread! That counts as spamming. Posts will be deleted, and you will be infracted.

    This section is not meant for Server Advertisements or asking for help on specific servers. Please go to the appropriate sections for help requests or visit the server advertisement section here.
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