[Discussion] TricksterM (Mobile MMO)

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    [Discussion] TricksterM (Mobile MMO)

    [Discussion] TricksterM (Mobile MMO)
    So for those who don't already know about this, NCSoft has relaunched Trickster Online as a mobile MMO.

    Supposedly they have plans to make available everywhere the PC game was released.
    They may have already. I'm always out of the loop.

    Anyways, looks very similar to the PC version, but clearly has modifications to suit the mobile platform.
    Either way it is good new for the franchise and our section.
    Especially if there is ever a leak, lol.
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    Re: [Discussion] TricksterM (Mobile MMO)

    i been following it sense i first heard talk about it in some korean forms, then we got a video, i will be getting as much as i can out of it, once it is released XD also there is a mini game: https://minigame.plaync.com/tricksterm#/