About the game development

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    About the game development

    Is there anything new released for the game development or everyone keeps stuff for themselves at this point, or it’s development is dead

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    Re: About the game development

    Most of what's been released for game development is libre/"open source" software that you can find on Github. As far as keeping stuff for themselves, the people doing that haven't change, but they are kinda irrelevant at this point. My offline job and moderating duties take up most of my time and energy since Covid hit so my development is a standstill. So I guess you'll just have to wait until people's lives get better before you get more free stuff.
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    Re: About the game development

    Unfortunately, this is rather standard for Trickster. We don't have a large dev community like Ragnarok Online does, so things are bound to be private. The motive is solely monetary for the large servers.

    If it makes you feel any better, all of my tools (excluding my crappy NRI creator and patch list maker) are open source on Github already. I haven't done much work on Trickster recently, but most of what I do becomes open source.
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