[Development] The final help any player nids.

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    shout [Development] The final help any player nids.

    I request all the developers to post final server files with video and images
    for the following
    1.Download links
    2.Setup(detailed) step by step with live support ( i would help if i knew)
    3.fixing of error(detailed)
    4.gm codes and other wyd tools (with link)
    5.C++ codes
    6.website templet (i can help)
    7.making recruits
    8.adding frnds and inviting them to fourums and ur own game

    PS:I need every ones dedication , plzzz co operate with each other , lets find a tranformation in this forum , i nid more people to help each other( theese all are not as a boss as a team)
    i dont want to rule or hurt any one i am not doing any moderators job
    but only trying to convey the messages by other people if this thread can give all the info
    we can help more players easily

    Note: I think every one must go social to get closer one step each time
    Add me (abhiramnsk@yahoo.com)
    Guys who support me plzz pm(private message) and and me on ym and other various SocialNetworking

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    Re: [Development] The final help any player nids.

    nice introduction

    creating a team!

    what version team you like to make?

    soon i going to take my PC and make the Old one version by mr. VirusTheKing :-)

    hope you make a team for new version. good luck

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    Re: [Development] The final help any player nids.

    Can i Join Your Team hehehe ^^x