[reShare] Web+sql+translated to EN

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    [reShare] Web+sql+translated to EN

    hallow i going to share this file i translate it in to EN and i did not change the item sell in sql only translate it in to EN and the other link i change it in to localhost for testing. i add one guide for reCaptcha to change it! and the only challenge here is to find the file for change server location

    i remove all registered use on sql so the sql is clean

    Link: https://mega.nz/file/5ehxDSiQ#KBMPoN...gI1OxKesf1mD4c

    no mirror link

    the website are like (professional website) if you want to edit some file ex.(photo) you are freely to do that

    thanks to the person whom share this site! (website original br language)

    good luck for your project!

    Ops... i add on rar the original sql not translated here is the translate to EN https://mega.nz/file/JHhV0YBD#CfNBGW...fumk-Dr1FtNqfs
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    Re: [reShare] Web+sql+translated to EN

    re up bro