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    Kalonline Server Repacks !

    [community repacks]

    Original Client
    this clean client is need for all private servers
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Tutorial how to set up the server

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Private Server tools
    These are all tools needed to modify your server/client Files.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Clean Server files by PACD

    This repack is about the same a int. servers only higher xp/droprate

    Download link:[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Vladi Repack

    this repack has lots of custom features so is different the int. server for all features look here :

    * New D1 (Ad d2 size) with new spawns + new monsters on hall3
    * New kalcash System (new look with img and quest)
    * KalCash charge
    * F1 System
    * New BeadOfFire Talismans System (events item drop in hall3)
    * New teleports npcs (new look with img)
    * New Buffs NPC (new look with img)
    * 3 New Islands maps (2 of them are the new)
    * New monsters (lizards and demons and much more)
    * New spawn on 1 new island
    * Pvp Area
    * New G62 Gold armor (the offical)
    * Some New Custom drop rate
    * Elders new spawn (with new effect)
    * Area Of God (Dwarfpicker)
    * New Lost animals Island (soul666 modifed by me)
    * New weapons (Dwarfpicker + Keppi)
    * New armors
    * Area Of God (Dwarfpicker)
    * Lvl 60-70 Quest + job change (Dwarfpicker)
    * New egging area on new duel map (made by dwarf edited by me)
    * Alot of new items
    * No NULL on items and weapons (unlimited polishing)
    * Critical bug fixed!
    * Item overflow bug fixed ("8590")
    * Dupe bug won't work
    * Some more little bugs fixed

    Pacd Repack Thread :[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Solidus repack V2.0

    this repack has more custom features so is different the int. server.

    All features of v2.0

    KalCash Merchant
    Talisman Merchant
    G10 Speed Up
    Big Medicine
    All Armor Merchants
    All Weapon Merchants
    No Null's
    Temp Teleport
    Dungeon Teleporter
    All Trainer in Temp
    Event Item Merchant
    G70 Warlord's Armor [Knight]
    G70 Enigma Armor [Mage]
    G70 Demon Stalker Armor [Archer]
    G75 Destiny [2h]
    G75 Blazefury [1h]
    G75 Doomfinger [Wand]
    G75 Hearstriker [Bow]
    Death Valley (Elder Doggebi)
    Mix System working
    Battle Island [FIXED]
    Letter Event NPC
    New Icons
    Stone Merchant

    PK Password : JKSYEHAB#9052

    Solidus repack thread: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    KalmaX V4 Repack

    Features :
    Vista-32bit Fix added to engine (KOCP Supported).
    G70/75/80/85 Armors Added.
    G46/50/55/60/70/75/80/85 BoF Armors Added.
    White Event BoF G85 Armor also added.
    Custom GM Armors/Weapons Added.
    Kal Banker Added.
    Custom Buffs Added.
    Custom Trinkets,Rings,Belts Added.
    Custom Speeds G1 to G9 Added.
    Custom HP/MP Meds Added.
    Account Control Added.
    Custom Shops Added.
    Custom Golden Eggs Added.
    Custom TempFort with PVP Area Added.
    Custom Monsters added.
    Custom NPCs Added.
    Custom Items Added.
    Upto date Maps Added.
    BoF Custom Npc Added.
    Custom Fish Shop Added.
    Custom Egg Shop Added.
    Custom BoF NPC Shop Added.
    Custom Trinket,Ring,Belt,Buffs Npc shop added.
    Custom Speed Shop Added.
    Secret Code Reg Page & DB Added.


    KalMax Repack Thread: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]



    1- remaking InitItem.txt 100%
    2- Adding New Weapon Repack 100%
    3- Starting NPC (items and stats) 100%
    4- Adding PvP system 100%
    5- Removing unused shits 100%
    6- Renewing the Drop List 100%
    7- Protect the engnie.exe(Armadillo/VISTA/Zoom) 100%
    8- making the client update 100%
    9- Adding Job Changer 100%
    10-Adding F1 System 100%
    11-Adding BOF 50%
    12-Adding Upgrade Armos/Weapons 100%-0%
    13-Adding High lvl Area 1 (70) 100%
    14-Adding High lvl Area 2 (80) 0%
    15-Adding High lvl Area 3 (85) 0%
    16-Adding High lvl Area 4 (90) 0%
    17-Adding High lvl Area 5 (95) 0%
    18-Adding High lvl Area 6 (100) 0%
    19-Adding KOSP 100%
    20-Adding KOCP(MD5+New Crypt) 100%
    21-Costomizing some MAPs 0%
    22-Editing MainSrvT (ASM) 10%

    pk password : SYR4EVER#9515

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Lotus Repack
    Note! : this repack is old and doesnt include all fixes and updates but could be usefull to advanced users
    becuase it has some usefull information and tools but dont use it as an base for a server unless you want to fix all things by yourself

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    WebAdim v.2 Repack
    New Areas
    new Death Valley , High Level Area , Traitor Mage Area
    Area of God , Elder Island , Highland Area
    Support Island , Lizard Valley I-II , Deadly Forrest
    Sacred City , Queen Vault ...

    Selfmade Spawns & Drops
    new Raid Bosses with Armor & Weapon Drops ( G60 - G90)
    G90 Dropped by Doggebi Lord & Demon Queen

    Armor & Weapons
    G70 Phoenix Armor / Weapons of Phoenix
    G80 Armor of Apocalypse / Weapons of Pain
    G85 Armor of GoD / Weapons of GoD
    G90 Armor of Devil / Weapons of Dragon

    Upgrade Items
    New Mana & Heal Meds
    New Speed-Up
    Critical-Hit Medicines
    Money Bags
    new Quest Items
    Halloween Masks
    new Talismans
    new G50 - G80 Accessoires
    PVP-Event Items
    Special Wooden Boxes
    Golden Eggs

    NPC's & Events
    selfmade & safety NPC's ( 32 Bit Overflow Fixed )
    Halloween Merchant , High-Grade Merchant , KalCash-System
    CP-Manager , BoF-Merchant , Bank-Manager
    JobChange NPC ( 3rd Job isnt spawned, if u want it,
    add a new NPC with s600529 )
    Valentine Event (with Romeo & Juliet Souls)
    UEFA 2008 Event
    18 new Quest Merchants with Rewards,CP & SU Points ( Level 60-90 )

    balanced PvP-System ( added Thunder Grade 3-10 )
    with selfmade armor stats ,
    but no security , if u add 3rd Job

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Pyramids V2 Repack
    Exp rate 50 x without Exp event.....
    1- Server side protect ( KOSP + AHS3 ) ....and client side KOCP
    2- engine Support Windows Vista 32 with Zoom unlock
    3- New Armors G70 , G80 , G90 , G100
    4- BoF system for G60 , G70 , G80 , G90 , G100 Armors
    5- new D6 , D7 , D8 , D9 , D10 , D11 , D12 , D13 Fight Area
    6- New wepons G65 , G70 , G75 , G80 , G90 , G100 , G105
    7- New look for Fort Castel
    8- some nice items like ( super speed , Super eel , potion of critical hit , ....)
    9- Custom Trinkets,Rings,Belts Added
    10- Banker system ( change money for 1 Money Box item )
    11- Job Change NPC for lvl 30 , 50 Job
    12- New NPC's (animal NPC)
    13- F1 kalcash system
    14- alot of New Mobs ( also have Dragon island Mobs )
    15- Helper NPC give u informations about most server drops
    16- D1 safe zone

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Chillakal Repack
    The Repack is based on Webadim V2.
    BIGGEST CREDIT GOES TO BLACKI!! (tyvm for you n1 repack!!)

    What i've edited:
    PK PAssword, Engine PAssword :
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