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    talk Server Ideas.

    Hello.I have started a project for a lineage 2 private server, Now I have a basic plan how the server will looks like and even got a friend on board this project.I have only one question this far, What do you guys think of scavanger and boutyhunters function in the game ? For me it feels stupid to be forced to play as one due to their ability of spoil, Which grants the class additional resources from each slayn monster. instead of playing on the charater I made from the start. The pro is, I gain more resources and can sell for more adena but the con is I spend less time on my main charater. My idea is to change the spoil ability into a combat ability and instead addjust the drop system so everyone can get more resources and ofc the higher lvl the more resources you will get to craft the item you are after.

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    Re: Server Ideas.

    The main idea for spoilers was to have a diversity in characters and in-game action. Everyone is playing using minimum a dual-boxing or triple-boxing. Usually on servers you have 1 spoiler, 1 dd, 1 buffer. Crafters are everywhere usually. You don't spend less time on your main char if you are dual boxing. This is actually a pro thing having spoiler and main char in the same party, maybe same level. Sure, eliminating the spoil fun can be more like having the spoil rate at 0.0000000001 and adjust the rates so everyone can have the same chances for materials.

    I'm not pro removing spoil. I'm 95% playing as a spoiler.

    The best thing L2 offered to communities in general is the competition system regarding farming items in few spots. You can spoil after mats, you can hunt mobs for those.