[HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

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    Re: [HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

    Quote Originally Posted by KittyChloe View Post
    Cool stuff dude, impressive interface, gives a feeling of the good old Habbo.
    I gotta agree. This just brought back memorys, Can or does the hand extend out? Would be awesome. I saw a fully rotational coca cola can css html 5 idk how this works but would be amazing.

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    Re: [HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

    I read all the 9 pages and I want to know more imformations about this project !
    - Wilou alias Hoax.
    Sorry for my bad english I'm french ! - AymericDev

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    Re: [HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

    Hello everyone I come to contribute something for the future of the habbo (holo retros), Many of you are making a great contribution and effort and give a lot of love to this wonderful
    game that is a work of art is my childhood.

    I am in my head with a strong and doubtful structure of this game, but it hurts that I am not a programmer.

    And I always wanted to make a habbo of my own and enjoy it forever, but it was never like this. I have years and years waiting for something like this to exist, but unfortunately it does not exist. and if it comes into existence nobody shares it
    the (Holos, Retros)
    but they never worked well, they always lacked something like old Furnis or all the flags of all the countries, all the posters, for example, or the trax machine or plates.
    previously those habbo were damaged. be for the client,
    the cms looked bad over time the cms also damaged the captcha code and they were no longer functional.

    But I have noticed that there really are a lot of unnecessary things in habbo in the (original habbo) to be specific.
    I know very well that Habbo original is nostalgic with all its order and its things. but if we think coldly what to all of us
    the more we like and enjoy habbo are the (furnis the clothes and the plates).

    The things that are most important to me in habbo are 3 things. furni, clothes, plates.

    (System and Optimization)
    It is not necessary that habbo have to be used in a browser, it would be better to make a habbo with its own client and emulator
    Internal that does not have to open in the browser that xampp is not needed or anything complicated to
    newbies can create their hotels and enjoy it. it is very uncomfortable for example looking for 4-link links to download (xampp, cms, swf, emulator, sql, etc etc
    The best thing is that everything is simple and unified.

    The cms are going to be eliminated and it is going to be replaced by a quick and easy launcher so as not to waste time. The captcha code will be removed.

    (Extra things and amenities)
    There will only be 1 coin and it will be the credit. it is unnecessary that there are duckets and diamonds that is stupid
    1 coin is enough to arm the economy.

    (Clothing section)
    That all the clothing of the hc is unlocked the hc will not exist in this project
    (HC is something that was created more for original habbo who want to take money from people so it is unnecessary in a holo or retro)

    I feel like the original habbo color palette is a mess (I prefer to put all the colors in order)

    (Plate section)
    The rewards system is very long and impossible it will be eliminated or reduced to a few rewards that are actually fulfilled
    As for example, (Connected time, Character years, Respects etc),

    the plates are going to be all and are going to be unlocked by command.

    (Furnis section)

    They will be all the furni of all times without any missing.

    The catalog will be more comfortable for everyone to edit at ease
    A folder is going to be created to put all the furnis with their names and classifications if the furni is rare it is written rare, if it is a Christmas furni it is written Christmas in one part
    (This will make everything easier, easier to modify, easier to organize and locate)

    The descriptions of the furni are completely useless what really matters is the name of the furni.

    The builders club is stupid that is going to be removed.

    (When this habbo is ready, it is no longer necessary for you to work in more habbo (Retro Holos) more than ever in life, because no matter how much time passes, the structure will not be damaged.

    When this idea is ready, all of us habbo fans will have time to do something more ambitious. we could add more things, Mod of better designed characters less square but that preserve the pixel art
    clothing mods, hairstyles, plates, furnis, a functional trax machine, a system where real music can be placed
    copy certain things from the mmo rpg like farming and get money little by little progress with daily missions.

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    Re: [HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

    Is this project still going?

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    Re: [HTML5] Habbo5 [Typescript, Vue, Webpack, WebSocket]

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterio View Post
    Is this project still going?
    I'm also wondering....

    I would love to help with development.

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