[R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

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    note [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Hi, I'm back.

    I'm developing R35(shockwave) retro "HABOX".
    *resource is all japanese, sorry :P

    I have extended the client while analyzing the CCT file now.
    Everyone may not have an interest in the Shockwave version already, but those who do not, please refer to the CCT of already extended that I would someday distribution.

    and... It will also distribute the design of new furniture again.

    It is published by the blog the following technical information. (but Japanese)

    HABOX Development Blog


    I love shockwave habbo.



    2013.06.13 TODO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    • [20%] Full original designed cms (been finished only register)

    Developing alpha version:
    Register - dev.published.20130613.habox.org/register (regist not working)

    • [50%] Free-Layout system (modified interfaces, making furniture, system packaging to server...)

    • [50%] CCT cast image cast members preview tool (furniture, interfaces, bitmap other...)

    Developing alpha version:
    - small furni icon (32x32) preview
    - cct image cast members preview

    • [50%] Interfaces renewal to R63 looks, and make new designs

    • [70%] Standalone avater image generator (is not dependent on the official server)

    2013.06.16 Release --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Standalone avater image generator [PHP]

    Is not dependent on the generator of official server, I made a generator of complete stand-alone.
    It works by using the GD library in PHP.
    It is extracted from CCT of revision 35 figure image used for resource.

    created new thread about this tool >>

    2013.06.13 Release --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Released x.element preview tool

    Buttons, ScrollBar, DropDownMenu, other...
    x.element code preview tool.

    2013.06.11 Release --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Released x.window / x.visual preview tool

    This tool for previewing by compiling the element content of the Field cast of visual definition for that is included in the CCT files.
    Any modifications to the element content of the cast on your own, be able to preview without the need to log in to Habbo.
    Last edited by Tsuka; 26-06-13 at 11:28 PM. Reason: added interfaces renewal screen-shot

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]


    looking good Tsuka. Good to see you back.
    Welcome back!

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    I freakin' love your designs! Good luck with this.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Though google translate does partially the trick it is a interesting blog.

    Also love your hotel view:
    Stop deleting signatures, plenty of other people including staff link their social media accounts / their own website / discord. Its not like ragezone doesnt have a discord server either... Until this very moment, it's against the rules so you can report them.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Nice that you still distribute us with new stuff.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    This looks great, can't wait for the release.

    Hopefully you will finish this project!

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    The register looks realy nice , but the other screens not very interessting and dont looks nice. I hope that releas date is not so long.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    I'm shocked to see you've returned to the scene, at such a bad time. We're having a downfall due to Sulake at the moment but I am very interested in this project and I wish you the best of luck with it!

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Do you release a linux version? :O

    Good Job, i hope you can release it! I see a lot of posts with 25% of a full working emu..
    Hope you can do it 100%

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Quote Originally Posted by tvbcrazy View Post
    Do you release a linux version? :O
    There is no Shockwave for Linux, so no.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Holy shit, I never thought I'd see the date when Tsuka came back. The best of luck with your project.

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    It's Tsuka!
    I've always loved your pixelart, it's amazing to see you back. Best of luck to you!

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Welcome back Tsuka, I've always loved your pixel arts!
    Good luck with your project :)

    Holy shit! I like that you've added the new tiles!

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    We love your work :')
    Good luck with this! Hopefully Sulake doesn't get you :(
    Hi there :-)

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    Re: [R35] Client(CCT) Extensions + more [Shockwave]

    Well... I'll... Be... Damned! Welcome back Tsuka! I think everyone here loves you and your work, we all hope that your project turns out well :)

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