[Nitro] Set Up Nitro & Arcturus for Production [EN]

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    config [Nitro] Set Up Nitro & Arcturus for Production [EN]

    Prerequisites :

    For Windows :


    After installing node, install Angular by executing the command:

    npm install -g @angular/cli
    For MacOS:

    brew update

    brew insatall node

    npm install -g @angular/cli

    Set up/Download Nitro & Arcuturus

    After downloading the zip file, unzip it on your computer

    Set Up Nitro:

    Go to the nitro directory, then the src folder and rename the files:

    -> index.html.example to index.html

    -> configuration.json.example to configuration.json
    Then edit the configuration.json file and modify the first three lines


    Concerning the assets, if you have the servers (xampp, wampp etc) de-zip the swf.zip and put it in the htdocs directory.

    Open CMD (Windows) or the terminal (MacOS) and execute the commands :

    • cd nitro-folder
    • npm install
    • ng serve (will give you access to nitro)

    Then you can access to nitro throught your domain


    • Configure Arcturus and put the websocket plugin in the plugin folder
    • Start the emulator and then turn it off
    • Go to db -> emulator_settings -> configure ws.nitro.host and ws.nitro.port

    Restart the emulator.

    Go to the users table, put a sso on the user in the auth_ticket column (choose anything)

    Then access nitro nitro as follows


    And this is the result

    Special Thanks to:

    • fridgeman (Thijmen1992#0135 for all support)
    • Stown (making the tutorial)
    • Key (translating)
    • Oshawott (for assets)
    • Arcturus & all its developers (emulator)
    • Nitro (game engine)

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    Re: [Nitro] Set Up Nitro & Arcturus for Production [EN]

    Hey thanks for the tut,
    where is the swf.zip that was mentioned?
    Also my emu seems to be running but when i try load up the client it just hangs on loading,
    also nothing pops up in emulator debugging for any attempted connections. Any ideas?
    Discord Purewinter#3724

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    Re: [Nitro] Set Up Nitro & Arcturus for Production [EN]

    do you have a video by chance?

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    Re: [Nitro] Set Up Nitro & Arcturus for Production [EN]

    which nitro folder should I import in htdocs?there are some