HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

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    Re: HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

    never worked with cakephp, but why not use cakephp migration? https://packagist.org/packages/cakephp/migrations

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    Re: HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

    so... what's the motel part?

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    Re: HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

    i'm personally not a fan of the bootstrap themed styling if you get what i mean, doesn't fit in to the habbo universe.

    nonetheless, this release lacks a lot of information, not only what has to be done to set it up, but also the structure of it all and what sets of documentation and features it has.

    appreciate the release in 2020 eitherway.
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    Re: HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

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    Re: HabboMotel CMS [Comet - CakePhp]

    I do kind of like the style, it's something different. Sad part is, it's an old CMS and the CakePHP version is pretty outdated. I can see a few things - maybe it's just how CakePHP is in which case I don't like it - such as some controller functions being too big. Regardless, it's nice to see contributions in 2020. I hope when the new client drops there'll be more contributions.
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