Mezz V2 [Release]

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    Mezz V2 [Release]

    MezzV2 Released!

    MezzV2 was completed stably after three months. If you want to contribute to the language support in MezzV2, check out!


    Q: Which technologies are used?A: HTML + SASS + PHP + JS (JQuery)
    Q: Will there be an upgrade version?
    A: Yes! We are considering using React and Laravel for MezzV2.5Q: Will there be new updates?
    A: Of course, since MezzV2 uses our own technologies, updates will continue continuously from now on.

    Mezz V2 (

    VirusTotal - File - f874a3761f6fc2a14c3356381747ac92670bb18b0a0056a2c97d1166d849d90d

    CURRENTLY Update 2.0.0
    CMS Features:
    + Ticket system
    + Tasks system
    + Shop system
    + Rare values system
    + Redeem code system
    + Multi-language system (9 languages)

    Housekeeping Features:
    + Editing emulator settings
    + Editing emulator texts
    + Adding / editing a catalog page
    + Editing a catalog items
    +Editing an items base
    + Adding / deleting a room bundle
    + Set homeroom
    + See / deleting banned users
    + Adding / deleting a wordfilter
    + Editing a rooms+ Adding / deleting a public rooms and categories
    + Adding / deleting a bot serves and bots
    + Editing a groups+ See / editing users
    + Adding / editing a new calendar and calendar rewards
    + See chatlogs, commands log and name change log
    + Adding / deleting a special enables
    + Adding / editing a news
    + Adding / deleting a fansites
    + Adding / deleting a updates
    + Adding / deleting a events
    + Reading / reply / close a tickets
    + Adding / deleting a redeem codes
    + Adding / deleting a tasks
    + Adding / deleting products, adding a new category to the shop
    + Adding / deleting rares, adding a new category to the rare values

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    Thank you for releasing this! No-one should charge for things like this..
    props to you :) Release newer versions too when or if they come.. but I'm sure the dev of this won't like this haha but w.e

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    haha this fake files

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    Quote Originally Posted by yilmazev View Post
    haha this fake files
    you are acting that this are fake files, but it isn't and you know that.
    I'm setting up a test environment with his "CMS" so you can all see and compare with Mezz V2 and see it is not fake :D

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    I know super good cms and client... but how do we configure it to nitro v2

    in it is ready now but cms is not

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    33Posts real "stably".. people ask money for this? Layout looks okay, thanks for the release or "leak". (:

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    Yes, the CMS is full with exploits, but what do you expect with this shit code?
    I'm logged in in their main website as administrator and have housekeeping access, able to trash their hotel etc.

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    First of all, sharing is really useful and very nice. I've heard of a person named Hugoyin using people's designs and systems with permission but not getting permission. In the V1 version, the license system was presented to customers as a very large system, but after 2-3 lines of code were deleted, there was no such thing as a license system, I am against exorbitant prices. Technician Alexiss on his team asked me to go DDoS to attack Habbo Retros, funny people, they were selling Mezz V1 in bundles and I shared that.He tells people he is stealing, but he is stealing.It was saying that V2 cannot be shared.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you want the package version of Mezz V1, you can get it by writing to me on my discord server -City.

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    I cant create an account