Project Cortex: Assets

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    Project Cortex: Assets

    Project Cortex: Assets
    Project Cortex: Assets

    Repository contains furnitures (not all furnitures OVERALL, but all furnilines actively in the live catalogue), furniture data of those furnitures, figure assets (987 out of 991, 4 of them was sending a 404 or 403 web error, they don't seem to be essentials though) and a figure data AND figure map of it all. Also contains shop images in PNG formats.

    All manifest documents are in JSON format. In total, at the time of this thread, there's 15,572 assets.

    I would not recommend using this to kickstart your own HTML5 project, I'd advise you to create your own extractor if you were to do that, it'll save you in the future when you need to extract newer and more stuff.

    These assets can however be used to create your own HTML5 live avatar and furniture renderer for stuff like your CMS if Habbo is ending support for figure strings for their figure rendering. Do as you please with this stuff.

    This is obviously not the final "release", there's still a lot of furnitures to be added, which I'm adding as I add them to Cortex itself. See the development thread here:
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    Re: Project Cortex: Assets

    Nice always appreciate someone sharing new things on here. Maybe I'll post our v13 asset rip in case its useful to somebody.
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