Recompilable Habbo.swf R63 2011-04-12

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    Recompilable Habbo.swf R63 2011-04-12

    Hi All

    As mentioned in my previous post I'm releasing a recompilable Habbo.swf from 2011-04-12. The source can be found on my Github with a precompiled debugging SWF available under the bin folder, the debug SWF has logging enabled which can be a bit much. Please note that Wired may have some issues as the original sources exports get reused across classes which leads to some further obfuscation.

    You can compile the project yourself using the FlexSDK which I recommend using with the AS3MXML VSCode extension, config files for both VSCode and Intellij have been provided. Testing can be done with Uber or an older version of Phoenix that alongside an appropriate set of 2011 SWF's.

    Next I'll be working on translating a more manually reversed source to Haxe and OpenFL in attempt to make a native client, hopefully I'll have another release soon.


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    Re: Recompilable Habbo.swf R63 2011-04-12

    This is pretty awesome, do you plan to do other Flash versions? ie, earlier ones
    The Habbo archives: