[RULES] Habbo Hotel - Releases Section Rules - 25/02/2016

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    [RULES] Habbo Hotel - Releases Section Rules - 25/02/2016


    Habbo Hotel - Development - Tutorials - Help - Releases

    Make sure you follow and understand the forum rules. Click here to view the forum rules These rules apply to the whole Habbo Hotel forum.

    Habbo Hotel Rules

    These rules apply to all sub sections of the Habbo Hotel section.

    • No show of autorithy. (eg: 'Wrong section', 'Spamming', 'Stay ontopic')
    • Post in the Habbo Hotel Help section if you need help. Create your own thread, do not bring up old threads.
    • Posting to a troll thread will get you warned and / or infracted. Report instead!
    • Do not post personal information about other people.

    Habbo Hotel Releases Rules

    What you're allowed to post in the Releases section:

    • Emulators
      • Fixes
      • Addons (It is recommended, not required, to post seperate snippets for fixes and or addons instead of a full emulator release.)
    • Server and / or client files (SWF-, DCR-, txt- files.)
    • Content Management Systems. (CMS')
    • Anything else that is not breaking the rules and supporting Habbo Hotel private servers / development.

    What you're allowed to post in the Customs & Layouts section:

    • Custom Furniture
    • Custom Badges
    • CMS Pages:
      • Plugins.
      • Page edits.
      • Page fixes.
      • Layouts.

    The Posting Rules:

    These rules also apply to the Customs & Layouts section.

    • Every release must atleast include 1 screenshot / image (For customs e.g. Badges and furniture, a image of each custom must be visible on the thread, a group image of all items is acceptable). These are mostly applied to CMS' and whole Customs & Layouts sections. Anything that also includes ingame features shall also contain a screenshots (such as for repairs or emulators), in which you shall provide some proof of some of the ingame features. If a moderator suspects that the thread doesn't have enough proof of validation, he must require the OP to add screenshots or/and snippets.
      This helps partially prove the validity of threads. Failure to provide a screenshot will result in a warning and thus an infraction.
    • Asking for help in a release thread is not allowed. Create a thread here. All questions related to azure must be maded in this thread.
    • Release the content in your release in the first post.
    • When posting client files, include the RELEASE- Version. (eg: RELEASE-20140303-123321123)
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