Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

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    information Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    Hello my friends I bring you a new pack with the latest Habbo updates. I will not delay in absurd explanations, you only need a basic knowledge to install it in your hotel or use any content of this pack separately as SWF, CMS, NITRo, etc..

    MEGA folder: https://mega.nz/folder/0pY2WLAC#sKRja2U8OsFl9t-ya8PDjg

    Demo: xetros.tv (off atm) | hcity.eu (similar)

    Hint: Update some emu settings


    - ElJeque (biggest fool)
    - Cosmic Devs
    - Plus Devs
    - Kev
    - HCity

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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    Could you please provide screenshots in accordance to release section rules
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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    Why is it closed src ?

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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    It is a useless pack, that emulator does not even work nor is the db complete, and besides it is a pack stolen from a hotel in development that has not opened.

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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    I guess it would be nice if you can release the emu altogether with it sources, as people could benefit on how to integrate nitro websocket into plus emu without relying on websockify.
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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    I love when people release things closed-source and obfuscated too with no screenshots/features etc.
    Looks like a leak to me.

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    Re: Xetros Pack [Cosmic - Plus Edited - NITRO]

    the emulator is closed source and it does not enter through some type of internal security doesn't even work. the db also does not have anything that can be done since that emulator is different from the normal plus and the cms among other things are incomplete. it's rubbish. I guess they stole that pack for revenge... if you are going to steal something and publish it at least be kind enough to upload something that works. not this garbage.this only works for original authors.
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