Login problems other people do not

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    Login problems other people do not

    To the local computer is connected to the auto patch.
    Accessible from the outside, but the following two messages when connecting to the server should not be a naohmyeonseo.

    My(Server) IP :

    Access Log (Local Computer)
    130811 090219 658de401-system New Connection user: 1
    130811 090219 658de401 NEWTEST02 sta 0000 user: 1 result: 0
    130811 090219 658de401 NEWTEST02 dbg charlist Char1: gandtest zone: 1 Char2: zone: 0 Char3: zone: 0

    Non-access logs (external computer connection)
    130811 091356 2ee69add-system New Connection user: 1
    130811 091356 2ee69add WJDALS5 sta 0000 user: 1 result: 6

    Difference 'result: 0', 'result: 6'.

    You can find what the problem is on my server ve, please have your help.

    My server being used under the program.
    1. server zone http://forum.ragezone.com/f786/free-...-6-9-a-940565/
    2. K5 s_game
    3. http://forum.ragezone.com/f786/k6-zo...uncher-936085/

    ** 'Is English. Use Google Translate. "

    Please help me?

    HTLauncher.exe (
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Publicado "HTLauncher.exe, Tantra.exe, Update.exe" archivo puede ser editado Ip.

    Disponiéndose, sin embargo, que el actual "Tantra K8 de los Hexcode diferente.
    Cómo arreglar posible?


    Published "HTLauncher.exe, Tantra.exe, Update.exe" file can be edited Ip.

    Provided, however, that the current "Tantra K8 'the Hexcode different.
    How to Fix possible?

    zone6 message result: 6 ??

    Please help me?

    serverlist.bin files on the local computer will be connected.

    - Login above two parts of the file will be executed regardless.
    - "s_game \ login \ gamelogin.php" file is run without.

    What the hell I do not know what the problem is.

    Unable to resolve, please give?
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