Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

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    Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release
    How are all my filthy animals doing? I put in a few days of work into this source a couple months back as I was experimenting but I figured better to release it than to just delete it so that's what I'm doing.

    Guida source is a v83 source whose foundations have been brought up to modern standards and as a result contains some features more sources should adopt and that I think very few, if any, other public v83 sources currently have. Here is a partial list of features this source contains:

    • Netty for networking
    • NX files instead of WZ XMLs
    • Uses Java 14 (you'd be surprised by how many people are still on Java 7)
    • GraalVM has replaced Nashorn (hello updated scripting engine)
    • Scripts updated to support new scripting engine
    • Using modern MySQL drivers
    • Using Maven for dependency management
    • Updated all project dependencies to latest version, resolving all breaking changes
    • All code linted to follow a consistent format
    • No exceptions swallowed
    • Lambdas used where appropriate
    • Diamond operators used
    • Enhanced switches used
    • Loop breaking optimized
    • try-with-resources used

    Just because Odin was released over a decade ago doesn't mean you should still be running on an ancient tech stack, and with the release of this source, you now have an example that you can reference to modernize your own source.

    Merry Christmas
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    Re: Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    surprised to see you're still doing ms!

    pretty quality release; good job on updating to modern standards!

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    Re: Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    Christmas release hype ty

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    Re: Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    Like most other people here, I have no idea what to do with this, but I appreciate you for posting anyways for people who actually know what they're doing

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    Re: Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    Just curious - what did you base this off of? Some of the code structure looks dated (besides what you updated). I.e. the use of RMI

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    Re: Guida Source | Christmas 2020 Release

    Interesting release! It also contains several nods to structures @YeLLoW mentioned to me last month.

    Java 14 compat (actually he mentioned 15+, but who's counting), maven, graald...

    Props for the updated stacks usage!