Several tips to gain more users to your server!

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    These websites are the two of the most popular top server sites out there. It's useful to get attention to your server.

    GTop100 - Maplestory
    Ultimate Private Servers - Maplestory
    XTremeTop100 - MapleStory

    Updated by user request, PM me if you want additional sites to be added to the list. Or if you think the list should be changed.
    Last edited by Kimberly; 28-02-18 at 05:11 PM. Reason: Threw GTOP100 on top because its much more important and popular when it comes to MapleStory Private Servers.

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    Several tips to gain more users to your server!


    Wanting more users on your server? With a little effort you could double, triple or quadruple your user base in no time! Try some of the following;

    • Include a rather nice 468x60 banner in the header of your post
    • Use well produced clear content and matching colour to your banner
    • In-depth selection of features (people want to know what seperates your server from the others)
    • Screenshots!

    And finally one of the most overlooked feature of ragezone, the social bookmarks below, for a few moment of your time, by submitting your website to such networks as ; Digg, Facebook, Twitter , StumbledUpon you are vastlicy increasing your exposure to people.

    Happy Administrating!