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    config Edelstein

    A MapleStory Global v.95 server emulator written in C#, .NET Core.
    p.s. the post got double posted idk why

    Yet another source?
    • Highly modular! Use only parts of Edelstein you need and not have the bloat of stuff you don't.
    • Also very configurable! Want a Login server and Game server running on the same process? Sure. Want all servers running on different processes? Sure. Want to use Python instead of Lua for your scripts? Go ahead!
    • Uses the .nx format for all the data reading thingies to ensure startup is as quick as possible.
    • A *stateless* scripting engine.

    Setup and Installation


    • .NET Core 3.0
    • Redis (optional; for distributed services)
    • PostgreSQL (optional; for data persistence)

    Setup (No releases available.. yet!)
    1. Install the release binaries from Github releases.(stick to edelstein-container if not hosting a distributed service)
    2. Download the default assets from Server.NX and Server.Scripts. (or you can use your own!)
    3. Edit the appsettings.json file to fit your environment.
      1. When using Redis, set the 'DistributedType' to 'Redis' and 'DistributedConnectionString' to the Redis host.
      2. When using PostgreSQL, set the 'DatabaseType' to 'PostgreSQL' and 'DatabaseConnectionString' to the connection string.

    4. Launch the runnable.

    For development and Docker setup, head to the Github page for Edelstein for more documentation.

    Go ahead and open issues on any ideas you have on how to add onto Edelstein. Avoid creating Pull Requests right off the bat to not waste your efforts unless it is a small change.
    Also, feel free to DM me on Discord at Kaioru#1256 if you want to run through your ideas or need help.


    All these wonderful people and projects that helped shape Edelstein.
    • Rebirth - lot's of referencing from here.
    • Destiny - even more referencing from here.
    • Swordie - also referenced a lil from here.
    • The kind souls who designed the NX PKG4.1 format.
    • All the current and future contributors of the project.
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    Re: Edelstein

    Amazing Project, love it!!