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Rates commands:
Add exp porcentage:/eventexp_begin + percentage(integral value) ex. /eventexp_begin 10

Add item drop porcentage:/eventitem_begin + percentage(integral value) ex. /eventitem_begin 10

Add money drop percentage: /eventmoney_begin + percentage(integral value) ex. /eventmoney_begin 10

Misc Events:
All characters with big head:/bighead on(or off)

Big Hands on all chars(the weapons will be big too):/bighand on(or off)

Characters managements:
Shows character full info: /charinfo_cn +character name

disconnect user: /kickuser +chaid(in DB will be:CHANUM column, use /charinfo_cn to see it)

Move commands:
Move to a gate : /move2gate +gatecode( integral value, quick spelling is :/m2g)

Move to a coord: /move2pos +mapindex+0+X+Y (quick spelling:/m2p)

Character trace: /move2char +charname(quick spelling:/m2c)