Classless cabal : ideas and chit-chat

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    cool Classless cabal : ideas and chit-chat

    Classless cabal : ideas and chit-chat
    Disclaimer :
    I'll say it right off the bat : I'm not a server dev, just a shitty player of crapbal for ages with ideas.

    Heeey everyone.
    A few days ago, I saw an ad about a WoW private server with one damn good idea : all players are classless. This kinda means that you can play one char and be able to get any skills from any class, equip any item from anything and so on, and I thought ... what about cabal ?

    Ofc, I don't have the knowledge to build such thing, but imagine a "classless" cabal server, or maybe a "2 class" cabal server with "sword" and "magic" class. Wouldn't that be DOPE AS HELL ???

    for example "Sword class" could use any skills from Wa/Bl/FS/FB, any buff from any class, and any weapon combinaison without limit.
    You could pick a combinaison of bm1+bm2+bm3 you'd want, like FB's bm1 + Bl's bm2 + Wa's bm3.
    All battlemodes could be buffed/nerfed to compete eachother so that any choice would be useful for different reasons, let's say Wa's bm3 for bigger aoe and big hits, and BL's bm3 for stronger 1vs1 because of orange text but trash aoe, so that not everyone picks the exact same thing

    And it wouldn't even be that "op" because everyone is classless, so no complaints of "X class is broken" if absolutely everyone is classless and can play everything

    Any ideas ? anyone intereted in the idea and up to the task ? has it been done already ? Let's discuss about it without salt, with open minded ideas and smiles !

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    Re: Classless cabal : ideas and chit-chat

    Yamachi removed all skills class restriction way back in ep2 once, when using a different class's skill on your class you don't play their animation, iirc.