[IMPORTANT] Posts like "thank you" and such

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    shout [IMPORTANT] Posts like "thank you" and such

    I've seen lots of people posting "Thank you", and such related posts. Remember that we still do have the "Like" feature implented with our forums. Please make sure to use it. A deletion of your post will most likely happend on the first offense, and everything above that you will most likely receive a warning or an infraction. Please consider this as your first and last verbal warning.

    -never forgotten, my friend.

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    re: [IMPORTANT] Posts like "thank you" and such

    I would like to remind everyone about this, I still see the occasional "Thank You" or similar posts pop up. Please use the like and reputation systems if you want to thank or express your gratitude towards someone. As MuIsBest has said before me the posts will be deleted, warned and eventually infracted upon.

    There is already a lot of use of the Like system, it's just to remind those that forgot and let new members know.

    Thanks for reading,

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    shout REMINDER - Following penalties.

    Such post getting out of hand again, and after a bit of through, I would like to encourage and remind what has been specified in the upper posts made by @MuIsBest and @SpeedDevil .
    Please use "Like" system on RaGEZONE if you would like to show appreciation for someone who's helped you or given something to community. DO NOT trash post into threads.

    Check image in spoiler

    1. Like button - click it, wait for 2-5 seconds and your like will appear as shows in example. This is the best way to show appreciation on RaGEZONE Community, which also will give a motivation for users who share content and show community that their shares are valuable.
    2. Reputation - If you believe that the post is worth more than like, click on the 2nd option - Add Reputation, tick "I approve" and write a small comment for the user who you are giving reputation too.


    • All posts, like: Thanks you, appreciated, thanks, arigato, spasibo, grazias and similar in ANY LANGUAGE, without any other constructive commentary, will be instantly deleted without informing the user.
    • Users who will be found ignoring Like system or Reputation - will be given warnings and infractions, which might lead to temporary account suspension on RaGEZONE Forum. [Meaning that after noticing that it's your 2nd post like "thank you" and such, you will get warning and further penalties might occur.]

    P.S. Whenever I will notice a "thank you" post - it will be deleted. Regardless of the date.
    Like or Rep is the best way to show appreciation!