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    talk Inquiry - FlyFF Silver PvE Private Server

    Would anyone be interested in these settings for a private server?
    I play this version, but I'm considering opening it depending on feedback.
    I'm working on a security upgrade and it will take months to get things ready.

    General rules that will be in place:

    - Chat in-game must be friendly or you can be silenced
    - Harassing other players can get your account suspended or banned
    - It is recommended to use an alternative chat program if our chat filter is difficult for you
    - There is NO donation system
    - all premium items are obtainable in-game
    - It is being considered that chat will be disabled until obtaining level 10 or 15
    - The server will start with a 100 player limit

    Gameplay differences:

    - Max level 120
    - Gameplay is focused on PvE
    - Players can travel as far as Azria (pre-Shaduwar)
    - Azria tickets no longer have a time limit
    - Players can only class change twice
    - Elemental upgrades reduced to +10 from 20 (Desert, Fire, Wind, Generator, River)
    - Gems are obtainable from bosses after level 60 (Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond)
    - Sunstones / Moonstones drop from field bosses more frequently, and rarely from all regular mobs
    - SProtect and AProtect scrolls can be purchased by NPC Bill in Saint Morning
    - Re-Skill and Re-Stat scrolls are also sold by NPC Bill in Saint Morning
    - All fashion and pets are obtainable through in-game currency or drops
    - New fashion content added (new models/textures/rigging)
    - Eggs no longer die or run out of HP while summoned
    - Feeding eggs gives better EXP
    - Removed hero skills
    - Removed PvP ability and PvP arena
    - Removed guilds - guild quests have been converted into solo or party quests
    - Removed mentor/pupil system
    - Removed lord system
    - Removed Forsaken Tower
    - Removed piercing and piercing cards
    - Removed the ability to "awaken" gear
    - Removed collector and collector areas
    - Removed flying boost ability + boost fuel

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    Re: Inquiry - FlyFF Silver PvE Private Server

    Why did you put the 100 player limit? also is the server still up?