Official Flyff Section Rules.

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    Official Flyff Section Rules.

    Official Flyff Section Rules.
    Please read these rules (as well as the official rules of RaGEZONE here.

    1. Flyff Server advertisements do not belong here. The appropriate section for this is: (Read the Section Rules before posting)
    2. Please search the section before posting a topic to make sure it doesn't already exist.
    3. Bumping an old post (necro-posting) is against the rules, unless your post heavily contributes to the topic or you're the original poster of the topic and wish to update it. (For example, if the last post on the thread is 2 months old, this is considered bumping)
    4. When you release somebodies work, credits of the original creator(s) are mandatory.
    5. Anything off-topic, such as flaming, hateful posts, or unrelated posts are strictly prohibited.
    6. Please respect releases. If you do not like the release, do not post about it (see rule 5).
    7. Do not interfere with moderator tasks. If you see something against the rules, report the post, and do not reply to it yourself.
    8. If you post a development thread, you are required to release your work. Development topics made to showcase work will be moved to showcase or deleted. You can however showcase your development in the Showcase section.
    9. When posting, please make sure your post contains useful information or is a constructive post. Anything else will be deleted. For example, if you like a post, feel free to give the poster a like or add to the users reputation.
    10. Before posting in the Flyff Help Section, make sure you have read the help section rules.
    11. Topics with illegible or nonsensical titles will be removed or have their titles changed. Please summarize the content of your topic in your title instead of using unrelated or random topic titles.
    12. Team recruiting is not allowed. Recruit team members here.
    13. Topics belong in their appropriate categories. Help topics belong in the Help section, development projects in Development, file/project/source releases in Releases, tutorials in Tutorials, and project showcases in Showcase. The root section can be used for general discussion as long as it doesn't break any other rules.
    14. Do not post requests for files in the Help section, instead use this thread.
    15. Sales of any kind are not allowed.
    16. Backdoors in software or source code are not allowed.
    17. Thread hi-jacking for offtopic support requests are not allowed, make a help thread instead.

    These rules are subject to change at any time with approval from administration. It is your duty to remain informed with these rules.
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    Re: Official Flyff Section Rules.

    Rule #17 has been added.