Question as what source to use as "A fun playground project"

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    wink Question as what source to use as "A fun playground project"

    Hello folks!

    I'm frankly new to flyff development, but i manged to set myself up a local server for fun purpose, by following Ketchup's release! However! I would like to ask, if there was a way to play/use a diffrent version source, that has alot of "cool" and "new" modifications, as of which i mean, by tweaks/new additions to the game, where should i start looking? i mean i browsed trough Ketchup's thread here on ragezone, but each source seems to have simular ish features so i dont really know which one i should choose from. Would there be one particular custom source, that anyone would recomend me as fun mini hobby playground?

    Note, i do not plan on releasing any servers, i just want to play around for myself in a enviroment with alot of custom stuff thats already been in place, using a custom and modified flyff source. Could anyone recomend me/send me in the correct direction on which source they would recomend me, that people can vouch for is good for fun testing etc. Note, as mentioned, it doesnt matter if its full of exploits, or backdroos, as i dont plan on opening any servers, but just want a playful testing enviroment to waste some time on :)

    I hope you guys could list me some really cool custom sources, that you could advice me to check out ^^