Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

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    Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource
    These files are sold by alot of people and is now being released to the public.

    The files does not work and is intended as a pure snippet files.

    iPlus for releaseing on discord.

    #ifndef    __SERVER_COMMON_H__
    #define    __SERVER_COMMON_H__
    #pragma warning (disable: 4244 4566 4005)/*
    /////////////////////////////// Small information about this files /////////////////////////////////This files based on v20 As FlyFF Files. I was preparing these files to open a server in my country, but I lost interest and decided to sell them.If you take the overall picture, the server works perfectly, I haven't encountered worldserver/Database crashes in a very long time.This is my personal source, it contains all my fixes and changes, as well as all the systems that you see in my forum thread, and As FlyFF systems. In addition to my personal systems,i also updated the systems that were in these files initially. But since I not had time to test some of the old systems that were in this source before me, I divided allthe existing systems/fixes into 4 lists:1 List [Ready to play]: Configuration of the server;2 List [Ready to play]: those systems, fixes, changes that work 100%. These are systems that I have personally made or reworked old, and I am absolutely sure that they work perfectlyand they do not need to be tested again (but testing flyff code can never be superfluous xd);3 List [Need to test]: those systems that were before me and that I did not test. These systems work with a high probability, but still, before using them, I advise you to test them carefully.;4 List [Ready to play]: fixes and improvements;5 List [Need to test]: official systemsI made the server with my heart (<3), taking into account all the little things that 80% of developers do not pay attention to.ALOT of custom fixes don't have preprocessors, but those that have can be found using [#define __GAMEPROCESS] and [#define __GAMEGUARD].Small tips:///////////////////////////////////////v18 ResData -> [];v19 ResData -> [];//////////////////////////////////////Client Theme Folder for v18 -> [ThemeV18];Client Theme Folder for v19 -> [ThemeV19];//////////////////////////////////////Resource Theme Folder for v18 -> [Theme]Resource Theme Folder for v19 -> [Theme19]///////////////////////////////////////To change v18 ResData you need use [.GUIEditor.exe];To change v19 ResData you need change name of v18 ResData to [], name of v18 Theme to [ThemeV18], name of v19 ResData to [], name of v19 Theme to [Theme]and use [.GUIEditor_v19.exe];For good merge you need have [] and [] at your Resource folder (dont forget about it!);///////////////////////////////////////If you need change letters from english to your own (maybe China or somerhing else):1) Find codeword [ENGLISHLETTER] to find the places where you need to replace the letters2) Change [] and [] at Resource3) Dont forget also change language at [WinMain.rc]///////////////////////////////////////This files v20, this means that even though you can put v18 intierface,you can use 5 bonuses at Spec_item on your items (weapons, sets, etc.), as well as 5 bonuses on Power-Ups (activation and deactivation are fixed)///////////////////////////////////////Dont forget change Cheer cooldown and bonuses (spec_item) to your own, its not classical now!///////////////////////////////////////You can set admin-characters at Program/Config.ini///////////////////////////////////////If you have any questions, bug reports, or you just need some help related to this files, write to me at discord and I will answer you as soon as i can ^^  Florist#7937*///#define __CHEAT_ENGINE_BLOCK#define __ENGINGE_UPGRADE#define __FIX_CHEAT#define __CHEAT_BLOCK_SYSTEM//#define __HACKSHIELD_AHNLAB_OLD//*********************************///#define    __LIMIT_MAX_SPEED#define REVIVAL_POSITION_DEFAULT        D3DXVECTOR3( 6953.808f, 100.0f, 3300.911f )#define __LOW_CLASS_GS//#define __GS_PRIZE#define __Baphomet//====================================================================================================================================//============================================== 1 List [Ready to play]: Configuration of the server =================================//====================================================================================================================================
    #define    __VER                20                        //| Game version  
      #define    __NEUZ_TITLE        "Resurgence Flyff"                    //| Window name                                                                      
    #define    __NEUZ_IPSET        "" //""                //| IP                                               
    #define    __NEUZ_PHASH        ""                        //| kikugalanet                                                
    #define    __NEUZ_BOOTS        ""                //| sunkist                                                    
    #define    __NEUZ_CPORT        "5400"                    //| Port                                                   
     #define __NEUZ_DBPASS        "" // Pass SQL
    #define    __NEUZ_MSGVR        "Resurgence_PATCH801"
    #define    __PETS_RATE            25                        //| Speed of pet level increase                            
    #define    __COUPLE_RATE        100                        //| Speed of couple level increase                                                            
    #define    __PRAISE_GLOVES        1.0f                    //| You can cheer yourself + config (exp bonus)    
    #define    __PERFECT_EATPET    99999                    //| Raised Pets Scrolls (13579 or 99999)                            #define    __RECYCLE_COST        8                        //| nCost/x (Recycle)            
    #define    __DEATH_MATCH_PRICE    25000000                //| Price for ffa-register                        
    #define    __NEW_COLLECTOR_LV    20                        //| Collector levels               
     #define    __MAX_SPEED            180                        //| Max speed                                
    #define    __MAX_GIFT_BOX        3                        //| Max gift box bonus                    
    #define __MAXSHOP            5                        //| Ìàõ shop-parts for char-creating#define __ENVIWAITTIME        4000                    //| Environment without pause#define __MODELCHANGEPRICE    10000000                //| Model change price#define __AFK_SYSTEM_TIME    MIN(10)                //| Time for AFK#define   
     __MAX_COLLECT        5                        //| Max collecting chars per IP count
    #define    __PICK_UP_RANGE        30.0f                    //| AoE PickUp Items range
    #define    __GAMEMASTER                                //| GM options        
    #define __OFFNOTICE                                    //| Disabling the usual notifications (TODO more + settings)
    #define __TIMERFORPREVENTBUGS                        //| Timers for various actions to avoid bugs#define __GAMEPROCESS                                //| My fixes/changes
    #define    __GAMEGUARD                                    //| Old dev fixes/changes//====================================================================================================================================//============================================== 2 List [Ready to play]: This systems 100% Work ======================================//====================================================================================================================================#define __MONSTER_CLASH#define __MONSTER_CLASH_CROWN//
    #define __CUSTOM_HP_BAR_1                            //| Custom HP bar v1
    #define __CUSTOM_HP_BAR_2                            //| Custom HP bar v2
    #define __ACCELOGIC                                    //| Accessory Equip Improved
    #define __LOGOUTFIX                                    //| Logout bug fix*
    #define __NEWCUR                                    //| Animated & changeable cursors//
    #define __MOVE_WINDOW                                
    #define __RANGE_FIX
    #define __HIDEPETS
    #define __FLOUPDATE01
    #define __DMGCORRECT                                // Change blockrate & hitrate//
    #define __NEWMELEE                                    // New melee mechanics
    #define __OFFLINE_VENDOR                            //| AFK Vendors v2 #define    __OFFLINE_VENDOR_PERIN                        //| Adding perins to __OFFLINE_VENDOR
    #define NEW_CUR_01 II_SYS_REDCHIP_PERIN                //RP
    #define NEW_CUR_02 II_SYS_SYS_EVE_GOLDENAPPLE        // Golden apple
    #define NEW_CUR_03 II_SYS_SYS_EVE_HUNTERZOMBIETOKEN    //Streamer Tokken
    #define __INTERFACE_CHANGE                            //| Change interface v18/v19 (dont all changes have preprocessor, you can find: m_Multi at ALL project)
    #define __INVENTORY_168_SLOTS                        //| 168 Slots inventory
    #define    __INVENTORY_POINTER                            //| Point inventory slots (v18 & v19)
    #define __INVENTORY_RESIZE                            //| Inventory Resize  (v18 & v19)
    #define    __INVENTORY_SORT_BUTTON                        //| Inventory Sorting (+ resize)  (v18 & v19)
    #define    __ITEM_SEARCH                                //| Inventory, guild bank, shop search (+ resize)
    #define __REMOVE_JEWELS                                //| Select remove Jewels from equipment
    #define __REMOVE_CARDS                                //| Select remove Cards from equipment
    #define __AFK_SYSTEM                                //| AFK System for players
    #define __ANGEL_SYSTEM                                //| Angels like PowerUps + Trails #define    __SAVE_PASSWORD                                //| Password save + show (I hope i not missed some defines, I did this without preprocessors initially) #define __FLYFF_INITPAGE_EXT                        //| Login Video (improved + different for 18 and 19)
    #define    __MADRIGAL_GIFT_POINT                        //| Working and remade by me madrigal_gift_system
    #define __POSTBOX_UPDATE01                            //| To pick up items from the post + delete posts (SHIFT button)
    #define __FRAME_MUSIC                                //| Disable Frames/Music if window is no at focus
    #define __UNDYING_PETS                                //| Undying pets #define __WORLD_POST                                //| WndWorldPost.h/cpp my own system for EPVP
    #define    __CHANGE_HOT_KEY                            //| Change Hotkeys
    #define    __DAILY_GIFT                                //| Daily Gift #define    __DROP_LOG                                    //| Drop Log
    #define    __VIP                                        //| Vip           
     #define __APP_TELEPORTER_DROP                        //| Teleport with droplist
    #define __MULTIPLE_ITEM_PICKER                        //| AoE Pick-up
    #define    __LAYER_SWITCH                                //| Layer switch
    #define    __BADGE_SYSTEM                                //| Badge (+ my changes)
    #define    __PARTY_FIND                                //| Partyfinder + skills/scrolls
    #define    __AWAKE_WINDOW                                //| Good Awake Window (with animation)
    #define    __CREATE_CHAR_WITH_JOB                        //| Job char creation
    #define __CHAR_CREATE_EDIT                            //| Character creation from Fulgur (with items/fashions)
    #define    __REPORT                                    //| Ingame Communication between players and the administration (small reworked and fixed)
    #define __NPCTRADEICON                                //| Displaying the currency icon in the NPC
    #define __NONIGHT                                    //| Night + option for disable it 
    #define __HITPOINTPERCENT                            //| Target Info (% HP)
    #define __EMOTICON_CHAT                                //| Emoticons at chat (rightclick at window or *01-*40 at chat)
    #define __SHIFT_SET_EFFECT                            //| SHIFT Set Armor Effect + text
    #define __DEV_FREECAM                                //| Free cam for Admin /SetCam 2 
    #define __ITEM_COUNT_TOOLTIP                        //| Item count tooltip (+ small "fix")    
    #define    __WINDOW_TITLE                                //| Game window title with nickname of character (fixed)
    #define __MONSTER_BUFFS                                //| MonsterBuffs (epvp) + improved
    #define    __BUYBACK                                    //| Buyback
    #define    __WBQT_GUILD_BUFFS                            //| Guildbuff
    #define    __PET_FILTER                                //| Petfilter
    #define __MODEL_NPC_VIEW                            //| NPC Models at Dialog instead of pictures
    #define __MAX_COLLECT_BY_IP                            //| Max chars for collecting 
    #define __MODEL_CHANGE                                //| Model chenge (with fixed NPC)
    #define __MODEL_VIEWER                                //| Model view#define __MODEL_VIEW                                //| Model view
    #define __PERIN_TO_INVENTORY                        //| Perin count at inventory window    
    #define __WIKI                                        //| Wikipedia
    #define    __WIKIPEDIA_MONSTER                            //| Wiki (monsters)    
    #define    __BLING_BLING                                //| Bling for weapons    
    #define    __PET_AUTO_LEVEL_UP                            //| No quest for pet leveling    
    #define    __EATPET_STATS                                //| Bonuses at buff-pets
    #define    __BUFF_SERVER                                //| Items Server Buff    
    #define    __SFX_SHIELDS                                //| SFX on shield        
    #define    __UPGRADE                                    //| /ritem window   
     #define    __NPC_SPAWN                                    //| You can spawn any npc    
     #define    __NEW_CHANGE_JOB                            //| Change Job (leveling)#define    __MESSENGER_CTRL_EXTENTED                    //| Rightclick messenger (guild section)                              
     #define    __PARTYLIST_MESSENGER                        //| Partylist at messenger (TODO: gm list)
    #define    __TIMER_MGR                                    //| Dungeon cooldown info (J) (fixed)
    #define    __REMOVE_SKILL_BUFF                            //| Remove buffs with CTRL
    #define    __MESSAGE_SYSTEM                            //|            #define    __HEAL_SHOW                                    //| Heal numbers show like damage numbers  
     #define    __LOGIN_CAPS                                //| Caps Lock at login window    
    #define    __BUFF                                        //| /SetBuff command for target-buff    #define    __NEW_BUFF_FORMAT                            //| New buff icons    
    #define __CHANGEBUFFICON                            //| Classic or new buff icons (option)
    #define    __WBQT_BAG_IMP1                                //| Rightclick item move (inventory/bag/guildbank etc)    
    #define    __ITEM_CONVERTER                            //| Fast buy arrow/charm at inventory
    #define    __ILLIMITED_PARTY_SKILL                        //| Scroll of unlimited party points
    #define    __CSHOUTSCR                                    //| Scrolls for color text in chat   
     #define    __ALIASING                                    //| Aliasing                                        
    #define    __GRAPHIC_ANISOTROPY                        //| Anisotropy
    #define    __BETTER_POCKET                                //| More bag slots
    #define    __CASH_SHOP_POINTS                            //| Donate Points ingame (use this -> get Donat points at account)
    #define __AWAKE_FIX#define __VENDOR_UPDATE#define    __2HANDED_SHIELD
    #define __BUFF_COMMAND
    #define __GW                                        // gW timer fix#define __BS_DEATH_ACTION
    #define __SLOW_WALK_FIX                                //[CORRECTIF] Correction des bugs positions avec la touche marcher ("W") see discord
    #define __AWA_WITH_PENYACOST
    #define __SPEEDHACK_FIX                            //[SECURITE] Speed hack fix
    #define __STAT_SYNC//
    #define _FIX_RANGER_ROLLER//
    #define __CEFIX//
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    Im fresh, so dont judge! but im a quick learner!

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    I've cleaned all your spoiler and fixed your post.

    Thanks for the release.

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    please releases client, thank you!

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    Kotori?That was released by iPlus

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    Quote Originally Posted by blacksnow322 View Post
    Kotori?That was released by iPlus
    My bad
    Im fresh, so dont judge! but im a quick learner!

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    how about the website?

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    compatible client to be used sir? sorry newbie here planning to build a flyff Pserver just for my thesis.

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    Re: Resurgence Flyff Source/Resource

    Quote Originally Posted by devilest View Post
    compatible client to be used sir? sorry newbie here planning to build a flyff Pserver just for my thesis.
    These files are not ment to be used as a Base source. its ment for you to Snippet out systems you'd like. if you see in Resource there is no models etc. all that is provided is the Source and Resource without models and so on so that the files is useless for anything else then snippet. if you want to run up a server i recommend going over to witch is a really nice base source. Where you can practise on adding in systems and so on witch you snippet out. You may find a tutorial on any of the forums that will show you how its done. hope this helps you on the way
    Im fresh, so dont judge! but im a quick learner!