Fallen Cabal Website

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    Re: Fallen Cabal Website

    Fallen Cabal Website
    You edited this line in fuctions.php 3.line?
    $dBASEURL = "http://yourhost/";

    Maybe cant load the script files and stylesheets from your webserver basepath.

    It is working on my old xampp. When if u need my full phpinfo write me private message.
    Sry My English

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    Re: Fallen Cabal Website

    Do not use these files anymore! Theses are bleeding from million ways.. This made at my early coding period...

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    Re: Fallen Cabal Website

    Lool, i would recommend to make own website with
    + (bootstrap/ui kit/materialize css (css framework that eases your life)
    + vue js (cool js framework - i wanna too learn it more :))))
    + (codeigniter 4 (lightweight - easy to learn & code)
    + sqlsrv (& PDO) driver
    + php 7.4+
    + nginx (the best & fastest free webserver))
    + csrf security (generate tokens - anti fraud attacks)
    + throttle (limit requests)
    + mvc (easy pattern)
    + api & microservice architecture

    rather than use this old procedure style shitty "webs"... OMG what I'm talking about :D

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    Re: Fallen Cabal Website

    For safety reason I'm locking this thread.
    This website is outdated and cannot be supported.
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