Some help me think of a new game csro-r

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    Some help me think of a new game csro-r

    Hello my dear sisters and I search on the Internet dramatically draw my attention to some Android games and there are many applications to play games on mobile phones Is it new to the work of the game of csro-r on a mobile phone Everyone has a passion please put it here so everyone benefits and cooperate with some to create things A new change

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    Re: Some help me think of a new game csro-r

    First of all, there were projects running an emulated server on an android device, but was never working flawlessly, since the netcoding was horrible or simply the limits of hardware. Running Silkroad in eitherway requires a powerful device (as on android) AND directX support, which if I recall correctly is not supported by Android per se.

    Even those simple MMORPGs from the google store are running quite laggy, no matter what kind of latest flagship you have.
    Now imagine Silkroad. Particularly vSRO 188 - Shadow Option "Detailed". Despite it being limited up to 5 objects projecting/casting a detailed real-time shadow on the ground, it sure lags heavily on mid-range graphic cards like the AMD R9 290X or 700 Nvidia Series.
    It is unoptimized. It is flawed. It is outdated and mostly, it is not supported perfectly on a stock device with stock runtimes.

    And please, just don't be a goofus saying "Hello my dear sisters."
    Please do me a favor and don't PM me anything about pServer-stuff anymore, thanks.