Smart Services ( SRO Services )

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    Smart Services ( SRO Services )

    -Server Setup Configuration
    -Server Security (Firewall, Filter, Proxy, etc.)
    -Database and PK2 editing
    -SQL Database Managament
    -Procedures Mangament / Custom Procedures
    -FTP Managament
    -Custom Quests
    -Donation scripts For you Website
    -PHP Tasks
    -Basic Assembly in GS / SRO_Client

    10 years of Silkroad
    Old Huge/Small Projects i Own Them All

    Glory Network ( Servers Names : Rome / Gaia / Petra .etc )
    Overlimit Network
    Ludoworks Network ( Olsta / Multi Cap )
    Arcane Online

    5 - 5 years working with private servers
    Coding in SQL / Procedures - 5/5 Rate
    PK2 Editing / - 5/5 Rate
    Server Security Management - 5/5 Rate


    We usually accpet your price,
    and we don't ask for a high price,
    since our customer's convenience,
    is the most importatn thing for us


    We do our best to deliver you
    your work very fast we dont
    keep you waiting.


    We offer 24/7 Support and we fix
    any problem in your old work
    if existed by issue immediately


    We deal with all of our customers
    in a friendly way and we never ignore anybody.


    We have been working in this filed
    for a quite long time

    Skype : smssro255
    FaceBook : SRO Services FaceBook
    Email : SMSSRO255@GMAIL.COM

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    Re: Smart Services ( SRO Services )

    stole my whole shit? "EdwardTeach"