Question about "__BOX_PREVIEW"

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    Question about "__BOX_PREVIEW"

    Question about "__BOX_PREVIEW"

    I have been trying to add #define __BOX_PREVIEW from Ketchup's Nanus Flyff release, no errors from compiling the source.

    However I can't preview any boxes ingame after adding the: __BOX_PREVIEW & defined __STL_GIFTBOX_VECTOR.

    So I looked around in the source files and found in "WndModelView.cpp" some code containing packitems:
    "PPACKITEMELEM pPackItemElem = CPackItem::GetInstance()->Open(pProp->dwID);"

    My question is, do I need to rebuild my __MODEL_VIEW to fit the one from the Nanus source code in order to get __BOX_PREVIEW to work properly?

    Thanks in advance.