"SetKeepConnectEvent" Send item to Inventory

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    "SetKeepConnectEvent" Send item to Inventory

    Can anyone let me know how to modify SetKeepConnectEvent to send the item to characters Inventory instead of Mailbox? And if the inventory is full, it can be sent to either the Backpack or the Mailbox.

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    Re: "SetKeepConnectEvent" Send item to Inventory

    bump for this

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    Re: "SetKeepConnectEvent" Send item to Inventory

    Sorry for the late reply just got home from work, unsure if you still require help... Keep in mind I am no programmer I just use to tinker with C++ on FlyFF source code.

    wouldn't you need to rewrite the

    void CEventLua::KeepConnectEventProcess()

    change the void to handle the change from the "SendQueryPostMail"

    to something stupid like

    if( pUser->CreateItem( &itemElem ) )

    but fuck if I know what I'm talking about haven't touched flyff source in ages and I'm pretty sure I just pull shit out my ass....
    if anything perhaps this will get you on the right track if you where still looking for assistance.