Reiko's Cash Shop Viewer Problem

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    Reiko's Cash Shop Viewer Problem

    Reiko's Cash Shop Viewer Problem
    Hello everyone, first time poster here.

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to seek help about a problem related to FlyFF and Reiko's Cash Shop Viewer. Let me know about other sites where I can ask for help if it isn't.

    Basically, when I try to set the FlyFF directory (latest version, 5.5 IIRC) for the Viewer to load all the Items, it says that some data wasn't recognized or that some files may be corrupted.

    I tried re-installing the game, and setting the game's folder, but the problem persists.

    My best bet is that the Cash Shop Viewer's version is outdated so it doesn't work as intended, or that the latest versions of the game no longer allow the Cash Shop Viewer to work. If it's of help, the version of the Cash Shop Viewer I'm using is v2 (rev.1016/1-Dec-2011). If it were the first problem, where can I download the latest version of the Cash Shop Viewer? How did other players managed to run it properly? I'm saying it, because Spielestyler shows in recent videos he is able to use it.

    Thanks all in advance, and have nice day .
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