Project Masquerade - Flyff like MMO using Unity

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    Project Masquerade - Flyff like MMO using Unity

    Hello everyone, during this Covid thing, I got pretty much bored and enjoyed Frostiae's work about remaking Flyff using Unity3D.

    Today, after a few weeks of digging and trying, I wanted to announce you that I'm starting to take this project of mine seriously and I would like to share it with you in hope of building a team and get the project done.

    Unlike Frostiae, rather than importing Flyff's models, I took the decision to actually try and make a project that one day could be published legally.
    I would like to say that I am no 'Professional Developer nor game developer' but It seems like I can get stuff done.

    I started by understanding Unity and how to use it, what it offers, etc..

    **Then I tried coding a few stuff, like basic flyff-ish character movement with correct animation and camera system, mobs* AI with a spawner system.

    And now, here I am with a basic working networking system, server-sided everything and a basic flying system identical to flyff.

    I'm aiming for a complete MMO game that looks and feel like flyff but with a modern touch in a timeline of at least 2 years. I will be posting a few tests here and there on this post for you to try out.

    I'm also looking for modelers, programmers, designers, etc that are looking to invest time into this project hoping that one day it could be released, and well, you know the rest $$$$

    *Mobs: Monsters
    **: I have used a few free and payed assets from the unity store, especially the map and all of its models. Base networking system from youtube tutorial.
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    Re: Project Masquerade - Flyff like MMO using Unity

    Hey there. I'm interested in your project

    How can i contact you?

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    Any update on this?

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    Im interested in your project sir.