[Release] GunBound Fetch archive

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    [Release] GunBound Fetch archive

    From the things I have that nobody else has, I think this is a thing I can release that is useful for preservation purposes and is not something I would consider 'hurtful' to post here.

    This is a fetch archive from multiple official servers that were collected over time, back when the services were still up. This ranges from TH and WC. The major contribution to this goes to ScrawnyB which he datamined back in 2004~2007. Unfortunately, he stopped at one point. This also contains every single patch from '1st generation' GBC and SilentGB, which went from 2006 until 2008. I also found a huge goldmine long ago on archive.org with many patches.

    This fetch archive contains the following

    - .gme patches
    - .dat patches
    - avatar patches
    - language / button patches
    - and more

    For the following regions...
    - GIS (Softnyx)
    - GKS (Softnyx)
    - GLS (Ongame)
    - GBPH (Mobius)
    - GBNA (ijji)
    - Thailand (Asiasoft)
    - Indonesian (?)
    - GBC (Softnyx Canada)

    gunbound.xfs - a .gme patch
    update.xfs - Contains usually multiple things about an update
    version.xfs - .dat related update
    avatarxxxxxx.xfs - Avatar graphics (year-month-day)
    avatardata.xfs - Avatar .dat files
    Guard.xfs - GameGuard related
    language.xfs - Language.txt patch

    These patches have been archived in their original patch format. You can't get more authentic than this.Unfortunately, the patches from ScrawnyB are not 100% complete I've noticed - usually the .gme is missing.

    It's also thanks to this archive that the very last GBPH TH .gme was preserved (360). This .gme is dated as late as 2006, because GBPH was the very last region to leave TH to WC. This very same .gme is hosted on gunbound.be.

    Link to archive: https://mega.nz/folder/GBZwXTBR#9_75eZcvFxL-qVpj9NF0ag

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    Re: [Release] GunBound Fetch archive

    WooooooooooooW !!!!!

    Congratulation from this COLECTION !!!

    TKS from this GIFT of Forum <3

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    Re: [Release] GunBound Fetch archive

    I love gunbound so much. this Fetch Archive is very amazing. thx for share
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