[Development] ex700 chs*

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    [Development] ex700 chs*

    Files+Main cracked
    DB: DB
    ServerFiles: ex700chs
    Main+Dll: Patch_Chs
    main.dll Eng charset fixed: Main_dll_eng

    if you cant login download it and extract in client folder!!!


    dataserver ex700 Jpn "fixed" for work with chs files(save character 100%)

    client link Fixed

    How to Setup (by KarLi): http://forum.ragezone.com/f196/setup...video-1036374/
    typedef class OBJECTSTRUCT // Size=18984
        int m_Index; // Size=4 Offset=0
        int Connected; // Size=4 Offset=4
        char LoginMsgSnd; // Size=1 Offset=8
        char LoginMsgCount; // Size=1 Offset=9
        char CloseCount; // Size=1 Offset=10
        char CloseType; // Size=1 Offset=11
        int bEnableDelCharacter; // Size=4 Offset=12
        struct _PER_SOCKET_CONTEXT * PerSocketContext; // Size=4 Offset=16
        unsigned int m_socket; // Size=4 Offset=20
        char Ip_addr[16]; // Size=16 Offset=24
        int UserNumber; // Size=4 Offset=40
        int DBNumber; // Size=4 Offset=44
        unsigned char GenerableClass; // Size=1 Offset=48
        unsigned long AutoSaveTime; // Size=4 Offset=52
        unsigned long ConnectCheckTime; // Size=4 Offset=56
        unsigned long CheckTick; // Size=4 Offset=60
        unsigned char CheckSpeedHack; // Size=1 Offset=64
        unsigned long CheckTick2; // Size=4 Offset=68
        unsigned char CheckTickCount; // Size=1 Offset=72
        unsigned long dwPlayTime; // Size=4 Offset=76
        unsigned long SaveTimeForStatics; // Size=4 Offset=80
        int iPingTime; // Size=4 Offset=84
        unsigned char m_TimeCount; // Size=1 Offset=88
        unsigned long m_dwPKTimer; // Size=4 Offset=92
        short CheckSumTableNum; // Size=2 Offset=96
        unsigned long CheckSumTime; // Size=4 Offset=100
        unsigned short Type; // Size=2 Offset=104
        unsigned char Live; // Size=1 Offset=106
        char CharacterPos; // Size=1 Offset=107
        char AccountID[11]; // Size=11 Offset=108
        char Name[11]; // Size=11 Offset=119
        char LastJoominNumber[14]; // Size=14 Offset=130
        unsigned char PlusStatQuestClear; // Size=1 Offset=144
        unsigned char ComboSkillquestClear; // Size=1 Offset=145
        struct ComboSkillData comboSkill; // Size=16 Offset=148
        unsigned short Class; // Size=2 Offset=164
        unsigned char DbClass; // Size=1 Offset=166
        unsigned char ChangeUP; // Size=1 Offset=167
        unsigned char ThirdChangeUp; // Size=1 Offset=168
        short Level; // Size=2 Offset=170
        int LevelUpPoint; // Size=4 Offset=172
        int iFruitPoint; // Size=4 Offset=176
        unsigned long Experience; // Size=4 Offset=180
        unsigned long NextExp; // Size=4 Offset=184
        short m_nMasterLevel; // Size=2 Offset=188
        __int64 m_i64MasterLevelExp; // Size=8 Offset=192
        __int64 m_i64NextMasterLevelExp; // Size=8 Offset=200
        int m_iMasterLevelPoint; // Size=4 Offset=208
        int m_iUseMasterLevelPoint; // Size=4 Offset=212
        int m_bMasterLevelDBLoad; // Size=4 Offset=216
        int Money; // Size=4 Offset=220
        short Strength; // Size=2 Offset=224
        short Dexterity; // Size=2 Offset=226
        short Vitality; // Size=2 Offset=228
        short Energy; // Size=2 Offset=230
        float Life; // Size=4 Offset=232
        float MaxLife; // Size=4 Offset=236
        int m_iScriptMaxLife; // Size=4 Offset=240
        float FillLife; // Size=4 Offset=244
        float FillLifeMax; // Size=4 Offset=248
        float Mana; // Size=4 Offset=252
        float MaxMana; // Size=4 Offset=256
        unsigned short Leadership; // Size=2 Offset=260
        unsigned short AddLeadership; // Size=2 Offset=262
        unsigned short ChatLitmitTime; // Size=2 Offset=264
        unsigned char ChatLimitTimeSec; // Size=1 Offset=266
        unsigned char FillLifeCount; // Size=1 Offset=267
        short AddStrength; // Size=2 Offset=268
        short AddDexterity; // Size=2 Offset=270
        short AddVitality; // Size=2 Offset=272
        short AddEnergy; // Size=2 Offset=274
        int BP; // Size=4 Offset=276
        int MaxBP; // Size=4 Offset=280
        int AddBP; // Size=4 Offset=284
        float VitalityToLife; // Size=4 Offset=288
        float EnergyToMana; // Size=4 Offset=292
        char m_PK_Count; // Size=1 Offset=296
        char m_PK_Level; // Size=1 Offset=297
        int m_PK_Time; // Size=4 Offset=300
        short X; // Size=2 Offset=304
        short Y; // Size=2 Offset=306
        unsigned char Dir; // Size=1 Offset=308
        unsigned char MapNumber; // Size=1 Offset=309
        int AddLife; // Size=4 Offset=312
        int AddMana; // Size=4 Offset=316
        int iShield; // Size=4 Offset=320
        int iMaxShield; // Size=4 Offset=324
        int iAddShield; // Size=4 Offset=328
        int iFillShieldMax; // Size=4 Offset=332
        int iFillShield; // Size=4 Offset=336
        int iFillShieldCount; // Size=4 Offset=340
        unsigned long dwShieldAutoRefillTimer; // Size=4 Offset=344
        unsigned char DamageMinus; // Size=1 Offset=348
        unsigned char DamageReflect; // Size=1 Offset=349
        short MonsterDieGetMoney; // Size=2 Offset=350
        unsigned char MonsterDieGetLife; // Size=1 Offset=352
        unsigned char MonsterDieGetMana; // Size=1 Offset=353
        unsigned char StartX; // Size=1 Offset=354
        unsigned char StartY; // Size=1 Offset=355
        short m_OldX; // Size=2 Offset=356
        short m_OldY; // Size=2 Offset=358
        short TX; // Size=2 Offset=360
        short TY; // Size=2 Offset=362
        short MTX; // Size=2 Offset=364
        short MTY; // Size=2 Offset=366
        int PathCount; // Size=4 Offset=368
        int PathCur; // Size=4 Offset=372
        char PathStartEnd; // Size=1 Offset=376
        short PathOri[15]; // Size=30 Offset=378
        short PathX[15]; // Size=30 Offset=408
        short PathY[15]; // Size=30 Offset=438
        char PathDir[15]; // Size=15 Offset=468
        unsigned long PathTime; // Size=4 Offset=484
        char m_MoveGateNumber; // Size=1 Offset=488
        short m_siDieRegenX; // Size=2 Offset=490
        short m_siDieRegenY; // Size=2 Offset=492
        short m_siDieRegenMapIndex; // Size=2 Offset=494
        short m_siMoveX; // Size=2 Offset=496
        short m_siMoveY; // Size=2 Offset=498
        short m_siMoveMapIndex; // Size=2 Offset=500
        unsigned long Authority; // Size=4 Offset=504
        unsigned long Penalty; // Size=4 Offset=508
        unsigned char m_cAccountItemBlock; // Size=1 Offset=512
        struct tagActionState m_ActState; // Size=4 Offset=516
        unsigned char m_ActionNumber; // Size=1 Offset=520
        unsigned long m_State; // Size=4 Offset=524
        char m_StateSub; // Size=1 Offset=528
        unsigned char m_Rest; // Size=1 Offset=529
        char m_ViewState; // Size=1 Offset=530
        unsigned char m_BuffEffectCount; // Size=1 Offset=531
        struct EFFECTLIST m_BuffEffectList[16]; // Size=320 Offset=532
        unsigned long m_LastMoveTime; // Size=4 Offset=852
        unsigned long m_LastAttackTime; // Size=4 Offset=856
        unsigned char m_FriendServerOnline; // Size=1 Offset=860
        int m_DetectSpeedHackTime; // Size=4 Offset=864
        unsigned long m_SumLastAttackTime; // Size=4 Offset=868
        unsigned long m_DetectCount; // Size=4 Offset=872
        int m_DetectedHackKickCount; // Size=4 Offset=876
        int m_SpeedHackPenalty; // Size=4 Offset=880
        unsigned char m_AttackSpeedHackDetectedCount; // Size=1 Offset=884
        unsigned long m_PacketCheckTime; // Size=4 Offset=888
        unsigned char m_ShopTime; // Size=1 Offset=892
        unsigned long m_TotalAttackTime; // Size=4 Offset=896
        int m_TotalAttackCount; // Size=4 Offset=900
        unsigned long TeleportTime; // Size=4 Offset=904
        char Teleport; // Size=1 Offset=908
        char KillerType; // Size=1 Offset=909
        char DieRegen; // Size=1 Offset=910
        char RegenOk; // Size=1 Offset=911
        unsigned char RegenMapNumber; // Size=1 Offset=912
        unsigned char RegenMapX; // Size=1 Offset=913
        unsigned char RegenMapY; // Size=1 Offset=914
        unsigned long RegenTime; // Size=4 Offset=916
        unsigned long MaxRegenTime; // Size=4 Offset=920
        short m_PosNum; // Size=2 Offset=924
        unsigned long LifeRefillTimer; // Size=4 Offset=928
        unsigned long CurActionTime; // Size=4 Offset=932
        unsigned long NextActionTime; // Size=4 Offset=936
        unsigned long DelayActionTime; // Size=4 Offset=940
        char DelayLevel; // Size=1 Offset=944
        char m_PoisonType; // Size=1 Offset=945
        char m_IceType; // Size=1 Offset=946
        char m_ImmuneToMagicCount; // Size=1 Offset=947
        char m_ImmuneToHarmCount; // Size=1 Offset=948
        char m_iMonsterBattleDelay; // Size=1 Offset=949
        char m_cKalimaGateExist; // Size=1 Offset=950
        int m_iKalimaGateIndex; // Size=4 Offset=952
        char m_cKalimaGateEnterCount; // Size=1 Offset=956
        class OBJECTSTRUCT * lpAttackObj; // Size=4 Offset=960
        short m_SkillNumber; // Size=2 Offset=964
        unsigned long m_SkillTime; // Size=4 Offset=968
        bool m_bAttackerKilled; // Size=1 Offset=972
        char m_ManaFillCount; // Size=1 Offset=973
        char m_LifeFillCount; // Size=1 Offset=974
        int SelfDefense[7]; // Size=28 Offset=976
        unsigned long SelfDefenseTime[7]; // Size=28 Offset=1004
        unsigned long MySelfDefenseTime; // Size=4 Offset=1032
        char m_Drink; // Size=1 Offset=1036
        int m_SkillAttack2; // Size=4 Offset=1040
        char m_SkillAttackTime2; // Size=1 Offset=1044
        int PartyNumber; // Size=4 Offset=1048
        int PartyTargetUser; // Size=4 Offset=1052
        int GuildNumber; // Size=4 Offset=1056
        struct _GUILD_INFO_STRUCT * lpGuild; // Size=4 Offset=1060
        char GuildName[11]; // Size=11 Offset=1064
        int GuildStatus; // Size=4 Offset=1076
        int iGuildUnionTimeStamp; // Size=4 Offset=1080
        int m_RecallMon; // Size=4 Offset=1084
        int m_Change; // Size=4 Offset=1088
        short TargetNumber; // Size=2 Offset=1092
        short TargetShopNumber; // Size=2 Offset=1094
        short ShopNumber; // Size=2 Offset=1096
        short LastAttackerID; // Size=2 Offset=1098
        int m_AttackDamageMin; // Size=4 Offset=1100
        int m_AttackDamageMax; // Size=4 Offset=1104
        int m_MagicDamageMin; // Size=4 Offset=1108
        int m_MagicDamageMax; // Size=4 Offset=1112
        int m_AttackDamageLeft; // Size=4 Offset=1116
        int m_AttackDamageRight; // Size=4 Offset=1120
        int m_AttackDamageMaxLeft; // Size=4 Offset=1124
        int m_AttackDamageMinLeft; // Size=4 Offset=1128
        int m_AttackDamageMaxRight; // Size=4 Offset=1132
        int m_AttackDamageMinRight; // Size=4 Offset=1136
        int m_AttackRating; // Size=4 Offset=1140
        int m_AttackSpeed; // Size=4 Offset=1144
        int m_MagicSpeed; // Size=4 Offset=1148
        int m_Defense; // Size=4 Offset=1152
        int m_MagicDefense; // Size=4 Offset=1156
        int m_SuccessfulBlocking; // Size=4 Offset=1160
        int m_Curse; // Size=4 Offset=1164
        int m_CurseDamgeMin; // Size=4 Offset=1168
        int m_CurseDamgeMax; // Size=4 Offset=1172
        short m_MoveSpeed; // Size=2 Offset=1176
        short m_MoveRange; // Size=2 Offset=1178
        short m_AttackRange; // Size=2 Offset=1180
        short m_AttackType; // Size=2 Offset=1182
        short m_ViewRange; // Size=2 Offset=1184
        short m_Attribute; // Size=2 Offset=1186
        short m_ItemRate; // Size=2 Offset=1188
        short m_MoneyRate; // Size=2 Offset=1190
        int m_CriticalDamage; // Size=4 Offset=1192
        int m_ExcelentDamage; // Size=4 Offset=1196
        class CMagicInf * m_lpMagicBack; // Size=4 Offset=1200
        class CMagicInf * Magic; // Size=4 Offset=1204
        char MagicCount; // Size=1 Offset=1208
        int UseMagicNumber; // Size=4 Offset=1212
        unsigned long UseMagicTime; // Size=4 Offset=1216
        char UseMagicCount; // Size=1 Offset=1220
        short OSAttackSerial; // Size=2 Offset=1222
        unsigned char SASCount; // Size=1 Offset=1224
        unsigned long SkillAttackTime; // Size=4 Offset=1228
        struct _MASTERLEVEL_PASSIVE_SKILL_OPTION m_MPSkillOpt; // Size=656 Offset=1232
        int m_nSoulBarrierDefence; // Size=4 Offset=1888
        short m_nSoulBarrierManaRate; // Size=2 Offset=1892
        unsigned char CharSet[18]; // Size=18 Offset=1894
        unsigned char m_Resistance[7]; // Size=7 Offset=1912
        unsigned char m_AddResistance[7]; // Size=7 Offset=1919
        int FrustrumX[4]; // Size=16 Offset=1928
        int FrustrumY[4]; // Size=16 Offset=1944
        struct VIEWPORT_STRUCT VpPlayer[75]; // Size=900 Offset=1960
        struct VIEWPORT_PLAYER_STRUCT VpPlayer2[75]; // Size=900 Offset=2860
        int VPCount; // Size=4 Offset=3760
        int VPCount2; // Size=4 Offset=3764
        int m_bBlind; // Size=4 Offset=3768
        struct HITDAMAGE_STRUCT sHD[40]; // Size=480 Offset=3772
        short sHDCount; // Size=2 Offset=4252
        struct tagInterfaceState m_IfState; // Size=4 Offset=4256
        unsigned long m_InterfaceTime; // Size=4 Offset=4260
        class CItem * pInventory; // Size=4 Offset=4264
        unsigned char * pInventoryMap; // Size=4 Offset=4268
        char * pInventoryCount; // Size=4 Offset=4272
        char pTransaction; // Size=1 Offset=4276
        class CItem * Inventory1; // Size=4 Offset=4280
        unsigned char * InventoryMap1; // Size=4 Offset=4284
        char InventoryCount1; // Size=1 Offset=4288
        class CItem * Inventory2; // Size=4 Offset=4292
        unsigned char * InventoryMap2; // Size=4 Offset=4296
        char InventoryCount2; // Size=1 Offset=4300
        class CItem * Trade; // Size=4 Offset=4304
        unsigned char * TradeMap; // Size=4 Offset=4308
        int TradeMoney; // Size=4 Offset=4312
        unsigned char TradeOk; // Size=1 Offset=4316
        class CItem * pWarehouse; // Size=4 Offset=4320
        unsigned char * pWarehouseMap; // Size=4 Offset=4324
        char WarehouseCount; // Size=1 Offset=4328
        short WarehousePW; // Size=2 Offset=4330
        unsigned char WarehouseLock; // Size=1 Offset=4332
        unsigned char WarehouseUnfailLock; // Size=1 Offset=4333
        int WarehouseMoney; // Size=4 Offset=4336
        int WarehouseSave; // Size=4 Offset=4340
        class CItem * pChaosBox; // Size=4 Offset=4344
        unsigned char * pChaosBoxMap; // Size=4 Offset=4348
        int ChaosMoney; // Size=4 Offset=4352
        int ChaosSuccessRate; // Size=4 Offset=4356
        int ChaosLock; // Size=4 Offset=4360
        unsigned long m_Option; // Size=4 Offset=4364
        int m_nEventScore; // Size=4 Offset=4368
        int m_nEventExp; // Size=4 Offset=4372
        int m_nEventMoney; // Size=4 Offset=4376
        unsigned char m_bDevilSquareIndex; // Size=1 Offset=4380
        unsigned char m_bDevilSquareAuth; // Size=1 Offset=4381
        char m_cBloodCastleIndex; // Size=1 Offset=4382
        char m_cBloodCastleSubIndex; // Size=1 Offset=4383
        int m_iBloodCastleEXP; // Size=4 Offset=4384
        bool m_bBloodCastleComplete; // Size=1 Offset=4388
        char m_cChaosCastleIndex; // Size=1 Offset=4389
        char m_cChaosCastleSubIndex; // Size=1 Offset=4390
        int m_iChaosCastleBlowTime; // Size=4 Offset=4392
        char m_cKillUserCount; // Size=1 Offset=4396
        char m_cKillMonsterCount; // Size=1 Offset=4397
        int m_iDuelUserReserved; // Size=4 Offset=4400
        int m_iDuelUserRequested; // Size=4 Offset=4404
        int m_iDuelUser; // Size=4 Offset=4408
        unsigned char m_btDuelScore; // Size=1 Offset=4412
        int m_iDuelTickCount; // Size=4 Offset=4416
        bool m_bPShopOpen; // Size=1 Offset=4420
        bool m_bPShopTransaction; // Size=1 Offset=4421
        bool m_bPShopItemChange; // Size=1 Offset=4422
        bool m_bPShopRedrawAbs; // Size=1 Offset=4423
        char m_szPShopText[36]; // Size=36 Offset=4424
        bool m_bPShopWantDeal; // Size=1 Offset=4460
        int m_iPShopDealerIndex; // Size=4 Offset=4464
        char m_szPShopDealerName[10]; // Size=10 Offset=4468
        struct _RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION m_critPShopTrade; // Size=24 Offset=4480
        int m_iVpPShopPlayer[75]; // Size=300 Offset=4504
        unsigned short m_wVpPShopPlayerCount; // Size=2 Offset=4804
        unsigned char IsInBattleGround; // Size=1 Offset=4806
        unsigned char HaveWeaponInHand; // Size=1 Offset=4807
        short EventChipCount; // Size=2 Offset=4808
        int MutoNumber; // Size=4 Offset=4812
        int UseEventServer; // Size=4 Offset=4816
        unsigned char LoadWareHouseInfo; // Size=1 Offset=4820
        int iStoneCount; // Size=4 Offset=4824
        int m_bQuestMonKillDBLoad; // Size=4 Offset=4828
        int m_iQuestMonKillDBIndex; // Size=4 Offset=4832
        struct QUEST_INFO_MOSNTER_KILLCOUNT m_QuestMonKillInfo[5]; // Size=40 Offset=4836
        unsigned char m_Quest[50]; // Size=50 Offset=4876
        unsigned char m_SendQuestInfo; // Size=1 Offset=4926
        int m_SkyBossMonSheildLinkIndex; // Size=4 Offset=4928
        int m_SkyBossMonSheild; // Size=4 Offset=4932
        int m_SkyBossMonSheildTime; // Size=4 Offset=4936
        int m_MaxLifePower; // Size=4 Offset=4940
        int m_PacketChecksumTime; // Size=4 Offset=4944
        int m_CheckLifeTime; // Size=4 Offset=4948
        unsigned char m_MoveOtherServer; // Size=1 Offset=4952
        char BackName[11]; // Size=11 Offset=4953
        char m_BossGoldDerconMapNumber; // Size=1 Offset=4964
        unsigned char m_InWebzen; // Size=1 Offset=4965
        char m_LastTeleportTime; // Size=1 Offset=4966
        unsigned char m_ClientHackLogCount; // Size=1 Offset=4967
        int m_iVerifyType; // Size=4 Offset=4968
        int m_iPlayTimeLimit; // Size=4 Offset=4972
        unsigned long m_dwPlayTick; // Size=4 Offset=4976
        int m_iPlayNoticeTick; // Size=4 Offset=4980
        int m_bIsInMonsterHerd; // Size=4 Offset=4984
        int m_bIsMonsterAttackFirst; // Size=4 Offset=4988
        class MonsterHerd * m_lpMonsterHerd; // Size=4 Offset=4992
        class CCSAuth2 NPggCSAuth; // Size=80 Offset=4996
        bool m_bSentGGAuth; // Size=1 Offset=5076
        bool m_bSentGGAuthAgain; // Size=1 Offset=5077
        bool m_bCheckGGAuth; // Size=1 Offset=5078
        unsigned long m_dwNPGGMapSvrMoveTime; // Size=4 Offset=5080
        unsigned long m_NPggCheckSumSendTime; // Size=4 Offset=5084
        int fSkillFrustrumX[4]; // Size=16 Offset=5088
        int fSkillFrustrumY[4]; // Size=16 Offset=5104
        unsigned char SkillHellFire2State; // Size=1 Offset=5120
        unsigned char SkillHellFire2Count; // Size=1 Offset=5121
        unsigned long SkillHellFire2Time; // Size=4 Offset=5124
        unsigned char SkillStrengthenHellFire2State; // Size=1 Offset=5128
        unsigned char SkillStrengthenHellFire2Count; // Size=1 Offset=5129
        unsigned long SkillStrengthenHellFire2Time; // Size=4 Offset=5132
        unsigned char m_ReqWarehouseOpen; // Size=1 Offset=5136
        int m_NotAttackAreaCount; // Size=4 Offset=5140
        int m_NotAttackAreaCountFor10Min; // Size=4 Offset=5144
        short SetOpAddSkillAttack; // Size=2 Offset=5148
        short SetOpAddExDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5150
        short SetOpAddExDamageSuccessRate; // Size=2 Offset=5152
        short SetOpAddCriticalDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5154
        short SetOpAddCriticalDamageSuccessRate; // Size=2 Offset=5156
        short SetOpIncAGValue; // Size=2 Offset=5158
        short SetOpAddDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5160
        short SetOpAddMinAttackDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5162
        short SetOpAddMaxAttackDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5164
        short SetOpAddAttackDamage; // Size=2 Offset=5166
        short SetOpAddDefence; // Size=2 Offset=5168
        short SetOpAddDefenceRate; // Size=2 Offset=5170
        short SetOpAddMagicPower; // Size=2 Offset=5172
        unsigned char SetOpIgnoreDefense; // Size=1 Offset=5174
        unsigned char SetOpDoubleDamage; // Size=1 Offset=5175
        unsigned char SetOpTwoHandSwordImproveDamage; // Size=1 Offset=5176
        unsigned char SetOpImproveSuccessAttackRate; // Size=1 Offset=5177
        unsigned char SetOpReflectionDamage; // Size=1 Offset=5178
        unsigned char SetOpImproveSheldDefence; // Size=1 Offset=5179
        unsigned char SetOpDecreaseAG; // Size=1 Offset=5180
        unsigned char SetOpImproveItemDropRate; // Size=1 Offset=5181
        unsigned char IsFullSetItem; // Size=1 Offset=5182
        int m_bMacroStart; // Size=4 Offset=5184
        unsigned short m_wGage; // Size=2 Offset=5188
        int m_nUseMacroMinute; // Size=4 Offset=5192
        unsigned long m_dwMacroTick; // Size=4 Offset=5196
        class TDurMagicKeyChecker DurMagicKeyChecker; // Size=300 Offset=5200
        unsigned short SkillRecallParty_Time; // Size=2 Offset=5500
        unsigned char SkillRecallParty_MapNumber; // Size=1 Offset=5502
        unsigned char SkillRecallParty_X; // Size=1 Offset=5503
        unsigned char SkillRecallParty_Y; // Size=1 Offset=5504
        bool bIsChaosMixCompleted; // Size=1 Offset=5505
        unsigned char SkillLongSpearChange; // Size=1 Offset=5506
        class CSkillDelay SkillDelay; // Size=2804 Offset=5508
        int iObjectSecTimer; // Size=4 Offset=8312
        bool m_bMapSvrMoveQuit; // Size=1 Offset=8316
        bool m_bMapSvrMoveReq; // Size=1 Offset=8317
        unsigned long m_dwMapSvrQuitTick; // Size=4 Offset=8320
        short m_sPrevMapSvrCode; // Size=2 Offset=8324
        short m_sDestMapNumber; // Size=2 Offset=8326
        unsigned char m_btDestX; // Size=1 Offset=8328
        unsigned char m_btDestY; // Size=1 Offset=8329
        bool m_bIsCastleNPCUpgradeCompleted; // Size=1 Offset=8330
        unsigned char m_btWeaponState; // Size=1 Offset=8331
        int m_iWeaponUser; // Size=4 Offset=8332
        unsigned char m_btKillCount; // Size=1 Offset=8336
        int m_iAccumulatedDamage; // Size=4 Offset=8340
        int m_iAccumulatedCrownAccessTime; // Size=4 Offset=8344
        class TMonsterSkillElementInfo m_MonsterSkillElementInfo; // Size=84 Offset=8348
        int m_iBasicAI; // Size=4 Offset=8432
        int m_iCurrentAI; // Size=4 Offset=8436
        int m_iCurrentAIState; // Size=4 Offset=8440
        int m_iLastAIRunTime; // Size=4 Offset=8444
        int m_iGroupNumber; // Size=4 Offset=8448
        int m_iSubGroupNumber; // Size=4 Offset=8452
        int m_iGroupMemberGuid; // Size=4 Offset=8456
        int m_iRegenType; // Size=4 Offset=8460
        class TMonsterAIAgro m_Agro; // Size=804 Offset=8464
        int m_iLastAutomataRuntime; // Size=4 Offset=9268
        int m_iLastAutomataDelay; // Size=4 Offset=9272
        int m_iCrywolfMVPScore; // Size=4 Offset=9276
        unsigned long m_dwLastCheckTick; // Size=4 Offset=9280
        int m_iAutoRecuperationTime; // Size=4 Offset=9284
        float m_fInfinityArrowIncRate; // Size=4 Offset=9288
        int m_iSkillDistanceErrorCount; // Size=4 Offset=9292
        unsigned long m_dwSkillDistanceErrorTick; // Size=4 Offset=9296
        struct JEWELOFHARMONY_ITEM_EFFECT m_JewelOfHarmonyEffect; // Size=38 Offset=9300
        struct ITEMOPTION_FOR380ITEM_EFFECT m_ItemOptionExFor380; // Size=16 Offset=9338
        int m_bKanturuEntranceByNPC; // Size=4 Offset=9356
        unsigned short m_wItemEffectType; // Size=2 Offset=9360
        int m_iItemEffectValidTime; // Size=4 Offset=9364
        unsigned short m_wCashPoint; // Size=2 Offset=9368
        int m_iIllusionTempleIndex; // Size=4 Offset=9372
        int m_bSkillKeyRecv; // Size=4 Offset=9376
        int m_iPeriodItemEffectIndex; // Size=4 Offset=9380
        unsigned char m_bCharCardSummoner; // Size=1 Offset=9384
        int m_UserKillRecvCount; // Size=4 Offset=9388
        struct SOCKET_OPTION_LIST m_SeedOptionList[35]; // Size=210 Offset=9392
        struct SOCKET_OPTION_LIST m_BonusOptionList[7]; // Size=42 Offset=9602
        struct SOCKET_OPTION_LIST m_SetOptionList[2]; // Size=12 Offset=9644
        unsigned short m_btRefillHPSocketOption; // Size=2 Offset=9656
        unsigned short m_btRefillMPSocketOption; // Size=2 Offset=9658
        unsigned short m_wSocketOptionMonsterDieGetHp; // Size=2 Offset=9660
        unsigned short m_wSocketOptionMonsterDieGetMana; // Size=2 Offset=9662
        unsigned char m_btAGReduceRate; // Size=1 Offset=9664
        int m_iPeriodDataIndex; // Size=4 Offset=9668
        class PacketStatistics m_kRecvPacketStatistics; // Size=24 Offset=9672
        unsigned char m_bGMSummon; // Size=1 Offset=9696
        unsigned long m_dwHacktoolCheckTerm; // Size=4 Offset=9700
        struct HACKTOOL_USE_INFO m_HacktoolUseInfo[20]; // Size=80 Offset=9704
        unsigned long m_dwUseHacktoolList[10]; // Size=40 Offset=9784
        short m_nZoneIndex; // Size=2 Offset=9824
        int m_nLuckyCoinCount; // Size=4 Offset=9828
        struct tagMOVE_MAPSERVER_AUTINFO m_MoveMapSvrAuthInfo; // Size=28 Offset=9832
        class UserQuestInfo * m_UserQuestInfo; // Size=4 Offset=9860
        int m_bDBQuestLoad; // Size=4 Offset=9864
        struct _tagGENS_INFO m_strGens_Info; // Size=184 Offset=9868
        unsigned long m_dwMileageUpdateTimer; // Size=4 Offset=10052
        unsigned char m_btSculptPos; // Size=1 Offset=10056
        unsigned char m_btCharmPos; // Size=1 Offset=10057
        unsigned char m_btArtifactPos; // Size=1 Offset=10058
        unsigned char m_btSkillComplete; // Size=1 Offset=10059
        unsigned char m_btDarkSideTargetNum; // Size=1 Offset=10060
        unsigned short m_wDarkSideTargetList[5]; // Size=10 Offset=10062
        unsigned int MathAuthenElapsed; // Size=4 Offset=10072
        unsigned char m_btExitByForce; // Size=1 Offset=10076
        short m_sExGameServerCode; // Size=2 Offset=10078
        short m_sExX; // Size=2 Offset=10080
        short m_sExY; // Size=2 Offset=10082
        unsigned char m_btExMapNumber; // Size=1 Offset=10084
        unsigned char m_btExtendedInvenCount; // Size=1 Offset=10085
        unsigned char m_btExtendedInvenCountAtDB; // Size=1 Offset=10086
        unsigned char m_btExtendedWarehouseCount; // Size=1 Offset=10087
        unsigned char m_btExtendedWarehouseCountAtDB; // Size=1 Offset=10088
        int m_nRoomIndex; // Size=4 Offset=10092
        int m_nTargetPartyArrIndex; // Size=4 Offset=10096
        bool m_bIsOpenWarehouse; // Size=1 Offset=10100
        int m_iPentagramMainAttribute; // Size=4 Offset=10104
        int m_iRuby_1RankAddDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10108
        int m_iRuby_2RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10112
        int m_iRuby_2RankAddAttackRelationshipRate; // Size=4 Offset=10116
        int m_iRuby_3RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10120
        int m_iRuby_3RankAddDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10124
        int m_iRuby_4RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10128
        int m_iRuby_4RankAddDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10132
        int m_iRuby_5RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10136
        int m_iRuby_5RankCriticalDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10140
        int m_iSapph_1RankAddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10144
        int m_iSapph_2RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10148
        int m_iSapph_2RankAddDefenseRelationshipRate; // Size=4 Offset=10152
        int m_iSapph_3RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10156
        int m_iSapph_3RankAddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10160
        int m_iSapph_4RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10164
        int m_iSapph_4RankAddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10168
        int m_iSapph_5RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10172
        int m_iSapph_5RankMinusTargetDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10176
        int m_iEme_1RankAddAttackRate; // Size=4 Offset=10180
        int m_iEme_2RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10184
        int m_iEme_2RankAddAttackRelationshipRate; // Size=4 Offset=10188
        int m_iEme_3RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10192
        int m_iEme_3RankAddDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10196
        int m_iEme_4RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10200
        int m_iEme_4RankAddDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10204
        int m_iEme_5RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10208
        int m_iEme_5RankAddDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10212
        int m_iTopa_1RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10216
        int m_iTopa_1RankAddDefenseSuccessRate; // Size=4 Offset=10220
        int m_iTopa_2RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10224
        int m_iTopa_2RankAddAttackRelationshipRate; // Size=4 Offset=10228
        int m_iTopa_3RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10232
        int m_iTopa_3RankAddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10236
        int m_iTopa_4RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10240
        int m_iTopa_4RankAddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10244
        int m_iTopa_5RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10248
        int m_iTopa_5RankDamageAbsorbRate; // Size=4 Offset=10252
        int m_iOnyx_1RankSlowMoveSkillRate; // Size=4 Offset=10256
        int m_iOnyx_2RankAddStrength; // Size=4 Offset=10260
        int m_iOnyx_2RankAddDexterity; // Size=4 Offset=10264
        int m_iOnyx_2RankAddEnergy; // Size=4 Offset=10268
        int m_iOnyx_2RankAddVitality; // Size=4 Offset=10272
        int m_iOnyx_3RankAddMaxLife; // Size=4 Offset=10276
        int m_iOnyx_3RankAddMaxMana; // Size=4 Offset=10280
        int m_iOnyx_3RankAddMaxAG; // Size=4 Offset=10284
        int m_iOnyx_3RankAddMaxSD; // Size=4 Offset=10288
        int m_iOnyx_4RankOptionNum; // Size=4 Offset=10292
        int m_iOnyx_4RankAddExllentDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10296
        int m_iOnyx_5RankHalfValueSkillRate; // Size=4 Offset=10300
        int m_iPentagram_AddAttack; // Size=4 Offset=10304
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10308
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddZenRate; // Size=4 Offset=10312
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddShieldDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10316
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddSkillAttack; // Size=4 Offset=10320
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddDoubleDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10324
        int m_iPentagramSet_IgnoreDefenseRate; // Size=4 Offset=10328
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddExellentDamage; // Size=4 Offset=10332
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddExllentDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10336
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddCriticalDamageRate; // Size=4 Offset=10340
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddMaxSDRate; // Size=4 Offset=10344
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddMaxAG; // Size=4 Offset=10348
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddDamageTwoHandArm; // Size=4 Offset=10352
        int m_iPentagramSet_AttackRelationship_Fire; // Size=4 Offset=10356
        int m_iPentagramSet_DefenseRelationship_Fire; // Size=4 Offset=10360
        int m_iPentagramSet_AttackRelationship_Water; // Size=4 Offset=10364
        int m_iPentagramSet_DefenseRelationship_Water; // Size=4 Offset=10368
        int m_iPentagramSet_AttackRelationship_Earth; // Size=4 Offset=10372
        int m_iPentagramSet_DefenseRelationship_Earth; // Size=4 Offset=10376
        int m_iPentagramSet_AttackRelationship_Wind; // Size=4 Offset=10380
        int m_iPentagramSet_DefenseRelationship_Wind; // Size=4 Offset=10384
        int m_iPentagramSet_AttackRelationship_Dark; // Size=4 Offset=10388
        int m_iPentagramSet_DefenseRelationship_Dark; // Size=4 Offset=10392
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddStrength; // Size=4 Offset=10396
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddDexterity; // Size=4 Offset=10400
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddVitality; // Size=4 Offset=10404
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddEnergy; // Size=4 Offset=10408
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddLife; // Size=4 Offset=10412
        int m_iPentagramSet_AddMana; // Size=4 Offset=10416
        int m_iPentagramAttributePattern; // Size=4 Offset=10420
        int m_iPentagramDefense; // Size=4 Offset=10424
        int m_iPentagramAttackMin; // Size=4 Offset=10428
        int m_iPentagramAttackMax; // Size=4 Offset=10432
        int m_iPentagramAttackRating; // Size=4 Offset=10436
        int m_iPentagramDefenseRating; // Size=4 Offset=10440
        class CItem * pPentagramMixBox; // Size=4 Offset=10444
        unsigned char * pPentagramMixBoxMap; // Size=4 Offset=10448
        int PentagramMixMoney; // Size=4 Offset=10452
        int PentagramMixSuccessRate; // Size=4 Offset=10456
        int m_PentagramMixLock; // Size=4 Offset=10460
        bool m_bIsPentagramMixCompleted; // Size=1 Offset=10464
        int m_iPentagramDamageMax; // Size=4 Offset=10468
        int m_iPentagramDamageMin; // Size=4 Offset=10472
        int m_iPentagramDamageOrigin; // Size=4 Offset=10476
        struct PENTAGRAMJEWEL_INFO m_PentagramJewelInfo_Inven[250]; // Size=4250 Offset=10480
        struct PENTAGRAMJEWEL_INFO m_PentagramJewelInfo_Warehouse[250]; // Size=4250 Offset=14730
    hope someone share the gscs or anything...
    i know many have these files and more original untouched.

    DB sql 2008r2 have errors on db
    change ip on main dll read MainInfo.txt
    use winrar 5
    dont ask for help how to configure
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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Wow so interesting! Safe to extract the file? I'm gonna test this!

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Quote Originally Posted by Sokpheang View Post
    Wow so interesting! Safe to extract the file? I'm gonna test this!
    GS packed vprotect - DS packed themida/winlicense.

    Good luck

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    On chinese forum they deleted this files!

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Are those really ex700 server files?

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    could be but original files not packed and must include pdb and map. so this files is useless.

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    any change logs of this? or any info about this server files?

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Original Thread :
    if someone knows chinese maybe he can find how to run it.

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    its clean and im able to run everything except for gs, i dont get this
    does this need some activation? some ppl on their forum was able to run their gs

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Quote Originally Posted by Soumyxorp View Post
    its clean and im able to run everything except for gs, i dont get this
    does this need some activation? some ppl on their forum was able to run their gs
    Even if u run is useless because lack of gscs:(

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    Google Translate :
    Purple quiet dreams eX700 standalone version 
    Hello everyone, I am a Phantom of the Opera 
    eX700 (S7 series) after a long wait finally came out, before we all experience abroad EX700 and EX702 b1-65, and the end of the TT series, strictly speaking 
    This B series and the TT can not be called S7, simply simulate the look, a lot of game events are impossible to achieve, and even an online mall features X can not be achieved.
    Even the Chinese name of the game do not support, experience the fun of getting less ~ ~ 
    Today we bring is truly original flavor of S7, and if not, you can keep abreast of the curse, if it is, we posted the top one 
    ================================================== ================================================== ============== 
    Disclaimer: PW is now protected by law, so we only stand-alone experience exchange under, not for commercial, otherwise responsible for all the consequences arising 
    ================================================== ================================================== ============== 
    ================================================== ================================================== ============== 
    The game supports events: 
    Online bubble point plus points ======= ======= online online online store to wash red ======= 
    Christmas event ======= ======= dimensional fortress mysterious businessman born soul Plaza ======= 
    Scarlet Devil Castle Plaza ======= ======= ======= city Frost Red Fort 
    Phantom monastery sky event ======= ======= ======= Frost Christmas event event 
    Rabbit mysterious businessman event ======= ======= ======= Empire fortress random shops 
    Football spark fighting spirit ======= ======= ======= Kante Lu Halloween 
    Gold army troops destroyed ======= ======= ======= Roland monster siege siege 
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year ======= ======= ======= America club events wolf spirit Lufthansa 
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- 
    Masters plus points 
    Master Master ===== soldiers to switch to switch the master 
    Archer three turn summoned three transfer guru guru ===== 
    Wrestling three master switch to switch the master guide ===== St. 
    Maken three master switch 
    ================================================== ================================================== ================ 
    Note: This version is a stand-alone trial version, in order to prevent someone take Taobao to sell, so add the activation code! 
         Please contact me free activation penguin number: 1945599545 
         If you have set up or unsuccessful these issues, but also the obligation to help me find!
    Hello everyone, I am a Phantom of the Opera 
    To cater for this new specially erected frame recording process (master directly to disregard drifting) 
    Operating Environment 
    ================================================== ======= 
    WINDOWS 2003 SP2 + SQL 2008 R2 (database) 
    ================================================== ======= 
    Download Link SQL2008R2: http://www.oyksoft.com/soft/25031.html 
    ================================================== ======= 
    Note: WIN2008 and WIN7 also be set up, the system recommended here WIN2003 
    ================================================== ======= 
    Here we are speaking about the simple erection 
    Server-side compression decompression procedures to D: \ MuOnline 
    The first step: to restore the database 
    Database successfully restored 
    Step Two: Import ODBC 
    The third step: Start game server 
    Here's a boot password for my penguin number: 1945599545 
    We wait a little slow 
    Oh, startup success 
    Halo, just do not accidentally press F2 to stop recording, and we went to 
    Next to start the game client on the line 
    Go to register an account 
    Haha come in, try adjusting the next level of the game, try to brush some equipment 
    No points 
    Day, it is difficult to blame the cut 
    Try master function 
    Masters normal 
    This is the new earth Tuekalun S7, need to use the wizard Map admission 
    All the normal functions 
    This concludes the tutorial

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    tutorial how to run the gs added.
    if anyone runt post one print =D

    original gs not packed added!!!!!
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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    So how we have to get GS CS?

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    re: [Development] ex700 chs*

    It says M:\ drive not found for the unpacked gs

    and for the video tutorial - white screen or failed

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