[Development] MU Client Part of Sources

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    cool [Development] MU Client Part of Sources

    English Version:

    Well hello everyone, again... following the advice he gave me a bit: @Dios, (Alias: "Mr. Moderador" for me ). in this other topic: http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/devel...ml#post9048546, I decided to create my own topic that is titled: "MU Client Sources", but obviously they are not the complete sources, They are files that I pass: @Sweng, the creator of this topic: http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/devel...eason-1163032/, via Skype, well I already said all this in the other topic, just I create this new topic so that the Links this time do not get lost.

    Well not more words, only download links and screenshots of the sweet:

    Spanish Version:

    Bueno hola a todos, de nuevo... siguiendo un poco los consejos que me dio: @Dios, (Alias: "Sr. Moderador" para mi ). en este otro tema: http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/devel...ml#post9048546, decidí crear un tema propio que se titula: "MU Client Sources", pero obviamente no son las fuentes completas, son archivos que me paso: @Sweng, el creador de este tema: http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/devel...eason-1163032/, via Skype, bueno todo esto ya lo dije en el otro tema, solo cree este nuevo tema para que los Links esta vez no se pierdan.

    SMD2BMD.cpp Download Link:

    Item.cpp Download Link:


    Webzen @Sweng

    PS: I only make public release of this source and post. If some person here have anothers files or more info, this is the correct place to share with us.

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    Re: [Development] MU Client Part of Sources

    Where link???