[Development] Reverse Engineering Muonline 97D

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    [Development] Reverse Engineering Muonline 97D

    Bueno gente en este video les explico un poco de como trabajar la ingeniería inversa en el main.Esto es lo mas simple pero no lo explica nadie lamentablemente.
    Seguramente todos tengan formas mejores, mas practicas etc etc, tambien las tengo, esta es una forma y la mas rapida a mi parecer.
    Porque hago este video? La primera y mas importante ganar un poco de $ en youtube.jajaja
    No se si hay segunda pero se que les va a servir y ami tambien, el veneficio es mutuo, algunos me diran que es sincericidio pero tampoco tengo motivos para mentir.
    Si llego a los 1000 subscriptores estare subiendo videos mas avanzados y les enseñare los secretos que he descubierto y
    metodos de ingeniería inversa que uso para cada trabajo.
    Espero tener su apoyo y suscribete que no cuesta nada, me ayudas y te va a servir.

    hello people in this video I explain a little about how to work reverse engineering in the main. This is the most simple but I do not explain it nadie regretfully.
    Surely all of them have better forms, but practical ones etc etc, also have them, this is a form and it is quicker to look like.
    Why do I get this video? The first and most important thing is to earn a little bit of $ on youtube.jajaja
    It is not the second time that you are serving and my friend too, the mutual benefit, some will tell me that you are sincere but I also have reason to lie.
    If I’m going to use 1000 subscriptors, I’ll be uploading more advanced videos and the secret secrets that he discovered
    reverse engineering methods that I use for each job.
    I hope to have your support and scribble that doesn't answer anything, help me and serve you.

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    re: [Development] Reverse Engineering Muonline 97D

    Nice guides bro, weird that your thread have no comments or likes.

    Just a little advices:

    1. Move your thread in development section, it will help to find your guides much more easier, seems like section 'Tutorials' is dead long time ago.
    2. Use modern software, actual alternative for ollydbg (which not supports last 6 years) - x64dbg.
    3. Use english language as main for video, else big audience of forum not will understand what need to do or where click.

    Good luck!

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    re: [Development] Reverse Engineering Muonline 97D

    thanks for the bump, i also just noticed this thread and sent it to my friend developer because its valuable.

    -Thread moved to development section aswell.
    @caron22 waiting for more videos and i will be surely sharing on my youtube channel